It’ll Be Pints of Champagne for Everyone on Brexit Day

One English winemaker is already planning for the Brexit celebrations and/or sorrows-drownings, by bottling up its rough approximation of champagne in pint bottles. Because Winston Churchill said so. Read More >>

This is What 170-Year-Old Champagne From a Shipwreck Tasted Like 

In 2010, divers rescued some amazingly old alcohol from a shipwreck off the coast of Finland. They’ve already published some detailed tasting notes about the beer—but now they’ve carried out an in-depth analysis of the champagne. Read More >>

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The Science of How Champagne Gets its Bubbles

Without its bubbles, champagne is ordinary white wine, unfit for sabering or smashing against new ships. So what gives sparkling wines their sparkle? A fascinating process called secondary fermentation. Read More >>

Want the Most Booze per Calorie? Skip Liquor and Go for Champagne

In surprising booze news, Wonkblog's Christopher Ingraham gives a surprising (and classy) spin to conventional drinking wisdom: if you're looking to get the most alcoholic punch per calorie, don't reach for "the hard stuff." You're better off drinking champagne or sparkling wine. Read More >>

Veuve Clicquot’s New Packaging Transforms Into Its Own Bottle Chiller

Champagne is for celebrating. But what sort of shoddy celebration would it be if it were warm? Veuve's thinking ahead this holiday season with a new "Fashionably Clicquot" package that quickly transforms into a handy—and handsome!—ice bucket. Read More >>

18-Wheeler Crashes, Spills Hundreds of Bottles of Champagne on Highway

Take a look around you—because you will never forget where you were the day you heard about the Champagne Massacre of '13. Wednesday September 18th at around 2:30pm, a truck filled to the brim with bubbly fell over, split open, and got I-395 in Connecticut absolutely wasted. Read More >>

What Happens When You Stuff iPhone 5 Guts in an iPhone 5S Body?

If you haven't seen a million iPhone 5S housing pics of varying believability by now, you're either doing something very wrong, or very right. But looking at an alleged 5S case by itself doesn't tell us much about the improvements over the regular 5, so Jonathan at TLD endeavoured to see how many of the guts from an iPhone 5 he could cram into a gold, er, champaaagne, 5S case. How'd he do? Read More >>

This is Apparently the Golden iPhone 5S

With all this talk of a golden iPhone I was expecting something a bit more gaudy, but "champagne" as it seems to be called now doesn't look that bad. In fact, it's barely any different from the white one, just slightly more yellow. Read More >>

Laser-Etched Champagne Flutes Bubble Forever, Or At Least Until Empty

Your 2013 New Year's Eve celebrations are probably over, but if you want to add some pizzazz to your next party 364 days from now, grab a set of these special champagne flutes that feature a laser-etched sparkling point on the bottom producing a non-stop stream of bubbles. Read More >>

Champagne Really Is Better Out of a Flute

Champagne, the posh man’s bubbly of choice, is often said to taste better out of a tall thin glass than it does in a traditional wine glass or coupe. Now scientists have proved it – it’s all to do with the bubbles. Read More >>

Next Nokia Windows Phone to Be “Champagne” Running Tango?

Chalk this one strongly up as rumour, but WPCentral thinks they've got a glimpse of a new Nokia Windows Phone supposedly called Champagne, running Windows Phone Tango. Could it be an LTE variant? [WPCentral] Read More >>