China’s Lunar Mission Has Found Mantle Material on the Far Side of the Moon

Scientists in China have released an important first set of results from the Chang’e 4 lunar lander, revealing what appears to be material from the Moon’s mantle on its far side. Read More >>

New Images of the Moon’s Far Side Released as Chinese Lunar Mission Quietly Chugs Along

The Chang’e 4 lander and the Yutu 2 rover are currently in hibernation mode, sitting out the frigid lunar night, which lasts for about two Earth weeks. The Chinese mission to explore the lunar far side is now well into overtime, lasting longer than initially intended. Read More >>

China Plans to Launch Its Own Mars Probe Next Year

China’s space agency plans to launch a probe to Mars next year, following its recent successful landing on the Moon’s far side, according to a statement from one of the country’s prominent space scientists. Read More >>

Seeds Have Sprouted on the Moon for the First Time [Update: It Died]

China’s miniature biosphere experiment has yielded a sprouting cotton seed, and they are the first plants to germinate on the Moon – an important first step in creating a viable, self-sustaining lunar colony. Read More >>

Chinese Satellite Captures a Cool View of Earth from Lunar Orbit

After a 20-day journey, China’s Queqiao lunar communications relay satellite has made it to lunar orbit. Its companion, the Longjiang-2 microsatellite, wasted no time, taking some neat pics of Earth and the lunar surface. Read More >>

China Announces Plan to Make First Landing on Dark Side of Moon in 2018

The Chinese state news agency Xinhua has announced that the country’s space agency plans to land a probe on the dark side of the Moon in two years’ time — a feat that would mark a first for mankind. Read More >>