All 4 is Now Compatible with Google Home Voice Commands

When it comes to using the TV, most of us still have to contend with the fact that the remote is going to go walkabout at times. Voice commands are a thing, but very few services are actually compatible with remote-free voice-operated devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. But the availability is limited. The good news for us is that All 4 is now compatible with Google Home. Read More >>

BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 are Investing £125 Million in Freeview, Lest They be Defeated by Streaming Rivals

The past few years have seen audience viewing habits change dramatically, with a switch from live or recorded TV to on-demand and streaming services that don't force viewers to adhere to a strict viewing schedule. But that's bad news for the traditional broadcasters, and to try and fight back against the forces of streaming services like Amazon and Netflix, Freeview is getting a £125 million investment. Read More >>

Amazon Sponsors 2018’s Bake Off

Amazon is going to be the sponsor of The Great British Bake Off this year, with viewers of Channel 4's high-profile cookery/cockery programme set to be battered with adverts for talking speakers throughout the broadcasts. Read More >>

BBC and C4 in Cookery Scheduling Custard Pie Fight

The bizarre TV cookery battle that's going on between the BBC and Channel 4 is still rumbling away, even now Bake Off and its BBC recreation are both about to be broadcast after a year of wrangling. Read More >>

All 4’s Terrible Ads Are About To Start Saying Your Name Out Loud

Channel 4 catch up service All 4 already has the worst ads of all the streaming platforms, and they're about to get even worse. Read More >>

Lego Batman Is Taking Over The Airwaves Today

Gravelly-voiced toy superhero Lego Batman has landed a new role: introducing TV programmes on Channel 4. He's not doing a Max Headroom, though - it's a Warner Bros promotion for the new Lego Batman movie. Read More >>

The Crystal Maze Joins TV’s Nostalgic Reboot List

It can't possibly be 21 years since The Crystal Maze stopped broadcasting, but that's what Wikipedia insists. Hence it's time it made a comeback, as loads of dads will be plonking kids in front of it and telling tales of when it used to be good and when TV used to be important. Read More >>

Channel 4 is All 4 Chromecast

Channel 4's rebranding of what used to be 4oD continues, with the broadcaster announcing that its new All 4 catch-up service will work with Chromecast. Just like the iPlayer, only with adverts for Homebase every seven minutes. Read More >>

Government Considering Selling Channel 4 to Raise £1bn

An official visiting 10 Downing Street for a meeting about the media world made the rookie error of having his paperwork in his hand, letting one press photographer snap an image of documents showing that privatising Channel 4 could well be on the cards. Read More >>

Channel 4’s Humans: What Would Really Happen if Synths Took Our Jobs?

Humans debuted on Channel 4 last night, offering a near-future glimpse at what life could be like in a world of human-like robotic assistants, known as Synths, produced by a company called Persona Synthetics. You remember the ads, right? Read More >>

New Black Mirror Season May be a Netflix Exclusive

With Charlie Brooker said to be working on new Black Mirror episodes, the Radio Times is reporting that the tech-noir drama series  may not be broadcast by Channel 4, but by Netflix instead. Read More >>

Channel 4 Trades in 4OD for ‘All 4’ Rebrand, New Apps and Timed O2 Programme Exclusives

Channel 4's about to bin the 4OD name in a rejig of its online portal that'll introduce some all-new apps, plus there's some weird exclusive jiggery-pokery in place to give O2 subscribers short periods of exclusive access to new programmes. Read More >>

north korea
North Korea Drama a “Slanderous Farce” Says… North Korea

A forthcoming drama about North Korea's nuclear weapons programme has been criticised by the regime before it's even been broadcast, with an NK spokesman saying that "hooligans and rogues under the guise of artistes" are disrespecting the country. Read More >>

YouView Safe for a Further Five Years as BBC Pledges Continued Support

YouView's good to go for another five years after retaining the support and investment of all its major backers. Read More >>

The Fargo TV Show Looks Eerily Beautiful

If the first bunch of teaser trailers are anything to go by, the forthcoming Fargo TV show looks as though it'll be a treat for the eyes. I remember little these days about the original film: do you remember it looking this stunning? Read More >>