Super Mario Kart With 101 Players is Beautiful Chaos

You’ll never convince us there’s a better racing game out there than Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo. Read More >>

Physicists Discover “Hidden Chaos” Lurking Everywhere

It appears that the standard tools used to identify chaotic signatures might be missing lots of hidden chaos — especially in systems that seem like they’re not chaotic at all. Read More >>

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Forget the Deals, Black Friday Looks Like the Apocalypse

OK, so we don't get quite the bargains that our American counterparts do over the Black Friday weekend but, when you consider the horror that is 200 people stampeding to get a 10% discount on a microwave, I'm pretty sure it's something we can live without. Read More >>

Trains Can’t Stop at the Olympic Park Because It’s Just Too Hot

We're already in travel chaos and the Olympics haven't even started yet. The mini heatwave we're suffering from at the moment has meant it's actually too hot for trains to stop, and they have to crawl along lines to prevent damage. A truly fantastic showcase for Britain's transport network to the world, amirite? Read More >>