This Disturbing iPhone Charger Slurps, Pulsates and… Just Look At It

Don’t even think about playing the clip below on your phone. Out of respect. In fact, if you’re at home and on your laptop, we’d recommend taking your mobile out of the room before hitting the play button. Read More >>

A Tiny Aluminium Canister That Could Come in Very Handy This Winter 

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One-Off Induction Charger Makes Art of iPhone

Here's an iPhone charger you won't be buying off eBay for £1.99 via China any time soon, one that's described as an "interactive frame, charger and clock" according to its designer. Read More >>

Engineers Test Chewing-Powered Chin Strap Charger

A team of engineers in Canada have developed a new form of wearable, addressing the critical modern concern of keeping stuff charged. They hope that a material that generates electricity when flexed as we vacantly chew gum could one day power our portables. Read More >>

A Super-Cheap Solar Charger is Your “It Won’t Always Be Raining” Deal of the Day

The sun. One day it will explode and destroy us all, along with our stuff. But that day is some way off, so for now, let's just suck as much life out of it as we possibly can. Read More >>

Latest 12W iPad Charger Will Charge Older iPads Quicker

Alongside the iPad Mini launch the other day, Apple quietly rolled out a meatier, 12-watt power adapter. Turns out it will charge all the old iPads iterations quicker. Read More >>

Why Apple’s iPhone Charger Is So Expensive

There's no getting around the fact that Apple accessories are expensive. But instead of assuming that price meant quality, Ken Shirriff decided to tear an iPhone charger apart—and what he found justifies the expense. Read More >>

Powertrekk’s Long Road to Store Shelves Is Nearly Over (Maybe)

We've been waiting nearly a year to get our hands on the Powertrekk portable charger — you know, the water-powered one. Well that wait is nearly over according the company. It has announced pricing and availability (sorta). Read More >>

Turn Classic Literature Into an iPhone Charging Dock

Etsy member inbook has developed a decorative charging stand that merges two of our favorite things -- our iPhone and classic literature. Read More >>