This Unassuming Charger Will Power a Switch, Connect It to a TV, and Charge Other Stuff Too

After releasing a simple dongle that finally let the Nintendo Switch connect to wireless headphones, Human Things is back with another product that vastly improves the console’s portability. The Genki Covert Dock replaces the Switch’s charger and TV dock with a streamlined wall adapter that does everything. Read More >>

Doctors Warn of Fires Caused by Generic Phone Chargers

Your bargain phone charger can come with a hidden cost—as one 19-year-old woman unfortunately had to find out. According to her doctors, the woman’s generic phone charger likely started a fire around her neck that left her with serious burns and sent her to hospital. Now they’re warning people to be wary of these cheaper, often less safe products. Read More >>

Apple, Enough With the Slow Chargers

You may not know it, but your iPhone – if an iPhone 8 or later – is capable of much faster charging. The only problem is, Apple doesn’t give you the stuff necessary for it. But a new rumour claims that could be changing, and it should. Read More >>

Only the Purest of EVs Should be Allowed on Fast Public Chargers, Say Auto Experts

An EV network enthusiast has put out the idea that hybrid vehicles should be barred from using the public electric car charging network, as the halfway house cars often charge at vastly slower rates than their pure EV rivals and, oh yes, they have entire extra engines in them too so perhaps their need for a top-up isn't as great. Read More >>

EU Regulators are Going After Phone Companies With Non-Standard Chargers Again

In 2009 EU rules changed to reduce electronic waste, and had phone companies sign on to agree to adopt a new standard. Basically they couldn't use a different charger for every phone they produced, and had to use microUSB. Now the EU is coming back to this, and seems to have non-adopters in its sights. Which basically means Apple. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Bans Phone Charging Behind the Bar

The alcohol caverns operated under the Weatherspoon banner have a new rule, one designed to dissuade the more confident of drunks from blagging a free charge of their phone from bar staff. Read More >>

Startup Tests Car-Charging Lamp Posts in London

A new business in London has the dream of adding electric car chargers to many of the city's lamp posts, meaning that even the people who live in the converted loft up on the fourth floor that doesn't even have any windows (£1,450pm, shared bathroom) can manage to charge their contract hire BMW i3s while they sleep. Read More >>

Shell is Bringing Electric Chargers to UK Garages This Year

Petrol enthusiast Shell will soon start letting electric vehicle owners recharge at some of their UK service stations and forecourts, as it foresees a future in which more money is made from selling coffees to stressed dads while they endure a 30-minute charging break than from flogging boring old refined oil. Read More >>

Clever Chargers Remind You to Plug in Your Phone Whenever You’re Near Them

There’s no point in buying a backup battery if you keep forgetting to top up your mobile devices before they die. So Griffin Technology’s new PowerBlock Beacon and PowerJolt Beacon external chargers will actually send your smartphone or tablet a notification when they’re nearby, reminding you to top up their batteries. Read More >>

Fake Apple Chargers Are Even More Dangerous Than You Think

We’ve been telling you for years that fake Apple chargers are bad news, but a new study shows they are even worse than we thought. Read More >>

Real-Life MacGyver Hacks Together a Hydro-Electric Generator to Charge His Phone

Can you really consider finding a source of power to charge your smartphone a survival skill? For some people, not having a working phone is more dire than not having clean drinking water. So if you find yourself in the great outdoors without an outlet, a little ingenuity can turn random junk into a working hydro-electric generator. Read More >>

pokemon go
Pokeball USB Charger Ensures You Can Catch Them All Without Your Phone Dying

Pokémon Go’s dependency on mobile data and GPS location will ravage your smartphone’s battery in no time. So if you don’t already carry a portable charger to keep you powered and playing, this hand-made Pokeball battery is a must-have addition to your Pokémon hunting kit. Read More >>

Microsoft to Replace Surface Pro Chargers for Free, Amid Overheating Reports

Microsoft has confirmed that it will replace all Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 chargers that were sold before July 2015. According to reports, the company’s concerned about overheating issues, though Microsoft hasn’t yet made reference to a specific problem. The company has, however, pledged to replace the power cords for free, and the recall is expected to be officially announced on Friday. [Verge] Read More >>

Supposed Official Apple Watch Dock Ready for Your Minimalist Work Desk

Photos showing the box and internal contents of an official Apple Watch charging dock have appeared online, apparently showing us how Apple envisages people might like to wirelessly charge their posh watches in the very near future. Read More >>

Quick Charge 3.0 Gives Your Battery an 80 Per Cent Fill in 35 Minutes*

Qualcomm has been beefing out the specifications of its next generation of mobile phone processors, listing model types and features galore -- and revealing the lucky models that will come with its Quick Charge 3.0 system attached for ultra-ultrafast charging. Read More >>