You Can Now Help the Homeless by Having Your iPhone’s Screen Repaired

People tend to get more generous and sympathetic this time of year, which means we see a lot of work from homeless charities. Which is a good thing, because it's bloody cold outside and it's only going to get colder. If you want to help out yourself there's a lot you can do, but if your iPhone screen is cracked you can deal with two problems at once. Read More >>

A Nottingham Charity is Launching a Free Vending Machine for Homeless People to Use

Nottingham-based homelessness charity Action Hunger has just revealed plans to launch a free-to-use vending machine for homeless people, utilising key cards. Read More >>

Amazon’s Brought Smile to the UK, Letting You Donate to Charity When You Buy

Four years ago Amazon launched a new feature called Smile. Its basically functioned like an affiliate programme, but instead of giving money to a person or business it donated a portion of that money to charity. Now the retailer has revealed that it's launching the same system right here in the UK. Read More >>

Simon Cowell’s Grenfell Tower Charity Hits the Streams Today

Simon and Garfunkel's musical milestone Bridge Over Troubled Water has been chosen by Simon Cowell and his consortium of celebrities as the charity record to benefit the families hit by the Grenfell Tower tragedy, with Robbie Williams, Louis Tomlinson, Brian May, Rita Ora and Stormzy among the top-tier talent to have contributed their verses to the ensemble recording. Read More >>

barack obama
Barack Obama Is Coming To Scotland

Since the UK seems to be obsessed with bringing back symbols of better times right now, it should be excited to hear that 44th US President Barack Obama is heading to Scotland next month. Read More >>

Children Vote to Ban Wearing of Red Noses

Children at a school in Bedfordshire are worried about NTDs (nose-transmitted diseases) to such an extent that they have voted to cancel the wearing of the comic nasal prosthetics during the school's charitable festivities today. Read More >>

PSA: Charitable Donations Through PayPal May Never Reach Your Charity of Choice

If you’ve ever donated to a charity through PayPal’s fundraising platform, be warned: A lawsuit filed yesterday alleges that money given through Paypal’s Giving Fund may never actually reach the intended recipients. Read More >>

Contactless Tech is Coming to Charity Donation Boxes

Barclaycard has been running a trial of contactless charity donation boxes, seeing as we always love a chance to pay for things via the futuristic sensation of a tap of a credit card, and the charities involved are saying it's doing the job and boosting receipts. Read More >>

Oxfam’s New App Tells You Where Your Donation Really Goes

Poverty-tackling UK charity Oxfam has launched a new app to help supporters understand where their money's going, and presumably to reassure them that it's not all being spent on execs' salaries. Given that the Guardian reports trust in charities fell last year to the lowest level since records began, that's probably not a bad idea. Read More >>

Do You Want to Go and Work in North Korea*?

Are you tired of Western decadence? Tired of the imperialistic capitalist culture forced on us by America? Do you wish you could live in a place where life is hard, and those in power are always watching to keep you in line? Well good news! There's a job opening in North Korea. Read More >>

The Microsoft Youth Suggests Taxing Fatties for Sitting Still

Someone's had an idea for what to do with a wearable! This comes from a Microsoft development think-tank, which suggests that a health band that punishes people for being overly sedentary by making micro-donations to charity might be a popular choice for people who need to be threatened with punishment in order to be good. Read More >>

Hasbro Made a Wonky Version of Mr. Potato Head to Help Reduce Food Waste

Picky shoppers only choosing the most perfectly-shaped and blemish-free produce at supermarkets has led to a tremendous amount of food waste. To illustrate how not-so-perfect fruits and vegetables are still perfectly edible, Hasbro has created a misshaped version of Mr. Potato Head to serve as a spokesperson. Read More >>

Sunday Fundraising Law Ruins Town’s Rubber Duck Charity Sailing Regatta

Police were called to the town of Bourton-on-the-Water over the weekend, as one legally astute resident noticed a small crime taking place. The crime of using a river to make money for charity -- on a Sunday. Read More >>

Buzz Lightyear Wins Battle for UK Driving Licence

After being denied a driving licence in the name Buzz Lightyear, Buzz Lightyear has now been granted a licence under the name. Because his name really is Buzz Lightyear. Read More >>

This is Why You Don’t Let Kids Design Cars

Ignoring the wishes of worn-out parents up and down the country, Bentley's decided to survey 1,000 kids aged between 6 and 12, to find out what their dream car would be like. As you can imagine, the car maker got some pretty ludicrous feedback. Read More >>