Red Cross Has Dispersed Just 25% of Money Raised For Australian Bushfire Victims

The Red Cross in Australia is coming under fire from at least one local politician for dispersing just a quarter of the money collected for bushfire victims who have lost their homes. About AUD$30 million of AUD$115 million (about £15.6 million of £60 million) recently donated by the public to Red Cross Australia has been given to people affected by the bushfire crisis so far. And some people say that isn’t enough. Read More >>

Red Poppy Will Now Represent Civilians Killed in Acts of Terror Too

The iconic red poppy is getting a refresh to expand the symbolism to encompass victims of terrorism. Read More >>

Model Railway Vandals Basically Get the Naughty Step For a Year

The perpetrators of one of the UK's worst rail tragedies (model) in recent years have had their day in court, with the judge doing little more than grassing the vandalous teens up to their parents and forcing them to attend some meetings to hear about how bad they have been and to make various promises about it not happening again. Read More >>

Pets Can Donate Blood, Too

You know that donating blood is one of the most impactful things you can do for others on an individual level. But you probably don’t know that dogs and cats can donate blood, too. According to a new study out Tuesday, most pet owners have no idea that their good boy or girl could be helping other animals in this way. Read More >>

Queen’s Reject Toilet Rolls Embraced by Croydon School

A batch of German toilet roll rejected by the Queen – or the Queen's official toilet roll softness tester at least – has found a welcoming home in the cubicles of a school. Read More >>

This Raspberry Pi-Powered Claw Machine is a Fun Way to Do Some Charity Work This Christmas

People get charitable around Christmas, and there are companies out there that like to get in on the action. Some release products designed to raise money for charities, while others launch stunts for a variety of reasons. This connected claw machine from Liberty Games is definitely the latter, but it's quite a fun way to help donate some money to homelessness charity Crisis - all without having to put much effort in. Read More >>

Toyota’s Made Hideous Charity Wrapping Paper For Car Fans

It's always good to see companies with lots of money choosing to help out charity, but we're not sure Toyota's latest stunt is the way to go about it. Read More >>

Save The Children’s Made A Contactless Christmas Jumper

It's Save The Children's very worthwhile Christmas Jumper Day tomorrow (any excuse to wear one of these babies, right?), so they've teamed up with Visa to make a jumper that takes contactless payments. Read More >>

Deliveroo Has Already Helped Find Three Missing People

Last month Deliveroo announced that it was teaming up with the charity Missing People, launching a new trial that saw Deliveroo riders put missing people posters on those comically large backpacks they use to carry food about. It sounded like a great idea in theory, and it looks like it's good idea in practice as well because the posters have been credited with helping find three missing people and reunite them with their families. Read More >>

Contactless Donation Points Launch in London

Seeing as you're nervously twirling your debit card in your hand there waiting for the next chance to tap it on a thing, why not try one of the new wave of contactless charity donation spots that are now open for business in London? You need to actually be in London, though, as the range isn't more than a couple of inches. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tells Shoppers What to Buy for the Food Bank Drops

It's the curse of the modern age: you've done your shopping, bought what you can afford, planned as many as four dinners in advance and even paid for it all like you're supposed to using the self-scanning things, then they ask you to think about other people and spare an item or two for the local food banks on your way out. Dinner plans ruined. Careful rucksack loading undone. You walk by leaving nothing, feeling evil. Read More >>

Movember Launches Contactless Charity Badges

We're almost at the end of Movember now – the moustache-raising effort that goes on throughout November to raise money for men's health issues – but the Foundation behind the campaign has just released something pretty cool for next year, and other charity initiatives in general. Read More >>

housing crisis
New Charity Campaign Asks Landlords To Let People Have Cats, FFS

A new campaign from Cats Protection is asking the landlords of the UK to consider allowing their tenants to have just a tiny bit of joy in their lives. Read More >>

Deliveroo Drivers are Being Turned Into Roving Missing People Adverts

Chances are you've seen at least one missing person advert in your life, or know about the ads they put on milk cartons over in the states. You'll probably be seeing an awful lot more of them in future, especially if you live in London, because charity Missing People has teamed up with Deliveroo to put those adverts onto the company's delivery-people. Read More >>

Ed Sheeran Doesn’t Want a Lego Ed Sheeran Any More

Even Ed Sheeran is bored of seeing Ed Sheeran all over the place, so much so that he's decided to sell a huge Lego recreation of his own head that he's owned for a few years. Read More >>