Uber Will Uber Your Stuff to the Charity Shop for Free This Saturday

You know the drill when it comes to spring cleaning. Often it involves throwing a lot of stuff away, but if you've got a bunch of unwanted items that still work there's little need to toss it into the local dump. Instead it goes into a box for the charity shop, where it will sit gathering dust until you can find the time to actually take it down there. To try and help you out, Uber will be offering users the chance to have someone do it for them, but only this Saturday. Read More >>

The Infinity War Cast Drew Their Own Characters for Charity, and They’re Adorably Terrible

Last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the cast of Avengers: Infinity War was tasked with drawing their own characters. Although art is subjective, the results are almost universally terrible. But that’s ok, because there’s an undeniable heart to them all. The best part is, though, over on CharityBuzz, all the drawings are up for auction, with proceeds going to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. So you can actually own them if one catches your eye. Here are all the drawings. Read More >>

UNICEF Wants You to Donate By Mining Cryptocurrency While You Browse

The Coinhive service was always intended to help people mine cryptocurrency for good, but we’ve mostly seen it deployed by bad actors hijacking people’s CPUs without their permission. UNICEF is giving everyone a chance to support refugees with the mining tool just by opening a webpage. Read More >>

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Homeless Twitter Sensation Was a Fake

The heartbreaking series of tweets apparently posted by a homeless person who was given a phone appear to have been fake, an investigation by a homelessness charity has discovered. So farewell, CharlieBinbags. Read More >>

The Vending Machine for Homeless People is Being Shut Down After Three Months

Last year it was announced that Nottingham would be getting a vending machine designed to be used exclusively by homeless people, with 24 hour access and offering them three free items every day - including essentials like toiletries, fruit, energy bars, and so on. Unfortunately, after just three months of operation, the machine has been removed. Read More >>

Ryan Reynolds is Giving Away a Pink Deadpool Suit in a New ‘Fuck Cancer’ Campaign

Cancer is one of those things that's played a very big role in the life of Deadpool, spurring him on to get cured and resulted in him becoming a superpowered avocado man. With a sequel film on the way it seems fitting to launch an anti-cancer campaign alongside it, and by donating to the cause you could win yourself a bright pink version of Deadpool's costume. Read More >>

Couple to do Land’s End to John o’ Groats on Boris Bikes

A man has had what he thinks is a romantic idea. He's taking his wife on an anniversary bike ride, all the way down the length of the entire country, on really heavy bikes with only three gears. We are no relationship experts, but we suspect there will be tears at some point in the midlands. Read More >>

You Can Now Help the Homeless by Having Your iPhone’s Screen Repaired

People tend to get more generous and sympathetic this time of year, which means we see a lot of work from homeless charities. Which is a good thing, because it's bloody cold outside and it's only going to get colder. If you want to help out yourself there's a lot you can do, but if your iPhone screen is cracked you can deal with two problems at once. Read More >>

A Nottingham Charity is Launching a Free Vending Machine for Homeless People to Use

Nottingham-based homelessness charity Action Hunger has just revealed plans to launch a free-to-use vending machine for homeless people, utilising key cards. Read More >>

Amazon’s Brought Smile to the UK, Letting You Donate to Charity When You Buy

Four years ago Amazon launched a new feature called Smile. Its basically functioned like an affiliate programme, but instead of giving money to a person or business it donated a portion of that money to charity. Now the retailer has revealed that it's launching the same system right here in the UK. Read More >>

Simon Cowell’s Grenfell Tower Charity Hits the Streams Today

Simon and Garfunkel's musical milestone Bridge Over Troubled Water has been chosen by Simon Cowell and his consortium of celebrities as the charity record to benefit the families hit by the Grenfell Tower tragedy, with Robbie Williams, Louis Tomlinson, Brian May, Rita Ora and Stormzy among the top-tier talent to have contributed their verses to the ensemble recording. Read More >>

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Barack Obama Is Coming To Scotland

Since the UK seems to be obsessed with bringing back symbols of better times right now, it should be excited to hear that 44th US President Barack Obama is heading to Scotland next month. Read More >>

Children Vote to Ban Wearing of Red Noses

Children at a school in Bedfordshire are worried about NTDs (nose-transmitted diseases) to such an extent that they have voted to cancel the wearing of the comic nasal prosthetics during the school's charitable festivities today. Read More >>

PSA: Charitable Donations Through PayPal May Never Reach Your Charity of Choice

If you’ve ever donated to a charity through PayPal’s fundraising platform, be warned: A lawsuit filed yesterday alleges that money given through Paypal’s Giving Fund may never actually reach the intended recipients. Read More >>

Contactless Tech is Coming to Charity Donation Boxes

Barclaycard has been running a trial of contactless charity donation boxes, seeing as we always love a chance to pay for things via the futuristic sensation of a tap of a credit card, and the charities involved are saying it's doing the job and boosting receipts. Read More >>