Clever 10-Year-Old Corrects Dinosaur Error at London’s Natural History Museum

Charlie is 10 years old and loves palaeontology. According to his mum, he has Asperger's syndrome, so when he likes something he will “try and find out everything about it”. Recently, he visited the Natural History Museum and schooled the curators on their dino-knowledge. Read More >>

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Reissued with Lolita-esque Adult Cover

The classic book about the perils of eating too many Mars bars and being a pushy dad is about to be re-released in the Penguin Modern Classics series, with a new cover image to supposedly appeal to the adult market. As long as you don't mind looking like a paedo reading it on the bus. Read More >>

The Pope of Foam Explains the Science of Beer Brewing

Crack open a bottle of suds and prepare to be amazed as Professor Charlie Bamforth leads a tour of the UC Davis Brewery, revealing the astonishingly complex chemical process—and artisanal origins—behind making beer. [PopSci] Read More >>