Snow Patrol’s Audio Magnolia Tops 21st Century’s Most-Played Chart

Music licensing specialist PPL has revealed who's had the biggest airplay royalty cheques this century, and the winner is whoever wrote the songs for Snow Patrol -- as the band's slowjam plodder Chasing Cars has received the largest number of plays from the UK's radio and TV broadcasters over the last 19 years. Read More >>

Queen Beats Abba to Top UK’s All Time Album Sales Chart

The tracker of UK record sales has released data covering the country's entire history of album numbers, revealing that Queen, Abba and the Beatles are unsurprisingly what most people buy and listen to all the time. Adele's the youngest upcomer, with her 21 earning the fourth place in the UK's all time album sales listings. Read More >>

The Best Data Visualisations of the Year Are Absolutely Incredible

The winners of the inaugural Data Stories Competition, which highlights some of the most creative and fascinating scientific data visualisations of the past year, have just been announced. Read More >>

New Singles and Albums Launch on Fridays in the UK, From Today

If you don't spend all your days listening to old music you used to like when you were young, you might notice a seismic shift in the UK's music scene today -- new music goes on sale on Fridays now, rather than Mondays. Blame Apple. Read More >>

Pop Musicologists Say There Were Three Key Eras in Modern Music

The gradual evolution of pop music from the simple love declarations of 1960 to the pubic mound-thrusting aggressive sex allegories of 2010 has been charted by academics, who claim to have broken down the changes in the world of pop to three significant shifts. Read More >>

This is the First Modern Organisation Chart

The words 'organisation chart' are usually enough to make anyone's eyes glaze over—but this, the first modern example of such a visualisation, is actually incredibly pretty. Read More >>

Google Charts the History of Popular Music as We Listen to it Today

Google's research department just released a fun interactive visualisation called Music Timeline, which attempts to chart the rise and fall of different musical genres in terms of their relative popularity. Watch rock, pop, alternative, and hip hop each rise to the top. Read More >>

100 Famous Movie Quotes as Charts

Nathan Yau has turned the American Film Institute's 100 most memorable quotes from cinema into chart form. Here they are, in all their wonderful geeky glory. Read More >>

How Music Has Evolved in the Past 70 Years

Humankind has had music for as far back as we're able to define ourselves as such. Some of that music has always been favoured by the other cave people, hunters-and-gatherers, farmers, shamans, and whoever else was hanging around. Read More >>

GTA V Raked in a Staggering £495m in Day One Sales

Grand Theft Auto V managed to pay for itself by lunchtime on launch day, with publisher Take-Two revealing the fairly popular game raked in an amazing $800 million from day one sales. In terms of actual numbers, retail watcher Chart-Track says it shifted a record 1.57m units on launch day in the UK alone. [Take-Two] Read More >>

Drool at this Chart of All the Glorious Superpowers You’ll Never Have

I don't have any superpowers. Neither do you. But we can both salivate with envy at all the marvelous flavors of superpowers we could have, if they were real. And to aid us in that noble pursuit, Pop Chart has put out their Giant-Size Omnibus of Superpowers, a (fairly) comprehensive menu of powers and their associated owners. Read More >>

The Only Fragmentation That Matters (In Charts!)

We can argue about Android fragmentation and conflicting standards all day long, but you know what? Those fights are nothing compared to how broken your own digital life is. Read More >>

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A Flow Chart Explaining All Time Travel in Movies

Ever wonder how the time travel theories in one movie line up with every other movie about time travel? Here's a pretty great flowchart that susses out exactly which type of of temporal chaos a movie wreaks. Although even with this thing, I still don't know what the heck was going on in Twelve Monkeys. [Mr. Dalliard via ILoveCharts via LaughingSquid] Read More >>

“Hit Potential Equation” Computes a Song’s Pop Chart Success Potential

Scientists at the University of Bristol are claiming to have created a form of music analysis tool, which calculates the chances of a pop song being a smash. Today's chart music? Entirely predictable? You don't say. Read More >>