What Was Your First Amazon Purchase?

It’s been 25 whole years since Amazon burst onto the scene as an online bookseller in July of 1994. Now, it’s a giant, package-delivering behemoth that despite some unsavoury headlines, all of us probably use because it’s just so damn convenient. Read More >>

What Even Is Cash Anymore?

Laundry days are the worst. Not because I hate doing laundry – I love warm, fluffy, clean clothes – but because I need cold hard cash to use the machines at my local 24-hour laundromat. Legitimately, I’ve sat here for 20 minutes trying to think of anything besides laundry that I regularly use actual cash for. I got nada. Read More >>

Do You Answer the Phone?

I’m not talking about when your mum calls. If your mum calls, you should answer the phone, and actually, you should just probably call your mum more often so she doesn’t have to call you. (HI MUM!) What I want to know is what you do when a number you don’t know calls. Do you answer the phone? Read More >>

The iPhone Turns 10 Today, but How Many of You Actually Bought One?

June 29th 2007 was a big day, because that was the day Apple released a little-known device called the iPhone onto the world. That's right, it's been ten years since we were first able to get our hands on iOS - even if the App Store wouldn't launch until a year later. Read More >>

Is Your Phone Screen Knackered?

Research into the state of the Samsungs and generation-before-last iPhones of the nation says we're living with some right old pieces of smashed up junk, with nearly one third of us ignoring damaged displays and bravely using a phone with a screen that's cracked in some way. Read More >>

Who’s Never Owned an iPhone?

Apparently it's been ten years since a group of people bought an expensive brand of telephone and then continued to buy a new one every year whether they needed it or not. Happy birthday, iPhone. I've only touched you three times. Read More >>

Now It’s All Over, Share Your Christmas Horror Stories

Aaaaaaand, breathe. It's over, for another year at least. The turkey leftovers have been gobbled up as sandwiches, the misguided presents re-boxed and receipted ready to be exchanged, the TV re-runs and farts all cleared up. Christmas 2016 is over. How was it for you? Read More >>

Somebody Help Us Decode This Mysterious HTC Invitation

Well this is exciting. HTC has sent out invitations for a January 12th event, and for once, nobody’s quite sure what to expect. It seems a little too early for the HTC 11, which will surely launch a month later at MWC in Barcelona. Read More >>

Which Legendary Junk Food Advertising Mascot Will You Miss Most?

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has announced new rules banning legendary junk food mascots such as Tony the Tiger, the Coco Pops monkey and Ronald McDonald from all forms of advertising, in a fresh bid to make kids less round. However, junk food packaging will remain a safe space for the characters. Read More >>

Who Is Giz UK’s Person of the Year 2016?

Earlier today Time magazine revealed its person of the year - an award given not to who it thinks is the best person, but who it thinks was the most impactful person of the last 12 months. And completely unsurprisingly, it was Donald Trump. Trump, you may horrifyingly recall having previously suppressed the pain, will become the 45th President of the United States on January 20th. Read More >>

How Would You Redesign Speed Bumps?

The nice people at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have called on local authorities to introduce new measures to help reduce air pollution. Its recommendations include the introduction of: Read More >>

The White and Gold/Black and Blue Thing is Happening Again

Just to warn you, a picture of pair of flip flops -- soon to be known as The Flip Flops -- is doing the rounds on the web today because some people think it’s a different colour scheme to other people, and they’re bickering about it because they haven’t learnt anything from The Dress last year. Read More >>

What Are Your Highlights of the BBC’s 80 Years of TV?

It's 80 years ago today that the BBC began its first TV service. It was rudely interrupted by the war for a bit, but even so. Where would we be, as a nation today, without the Beeb to bring us together over football, weddings, disasters, Christmas Day blockbusters, fights between bald men in East London pubs and Del Boy falling through the bar? Read More >>

What’s Cooler: Apple’s Touch Bar or Microsoft’s Surface Dial?

It's been an exciting couple of days in tech as both Microsoft and Apple have held big press events to announce new hardware - and intriguingly both companies have invented new types of input device. Read More >>

Is Expanding Heathrow the Best Choice for the UK?

According to government sources quoted by the BBC, Heathrow is definitely going to get its third runway. The news comes courtesy of insiders that say the committee responsible has made the decision quietly, and it'll be announced today by the Transport Secretary. Read More >>