Indian College Puts Surveillance Cameras in Men’s Toilets to Deter Cheating

Law students in India were horrified to learn CCTV surveillance cameras had been installed in men’s bathrooms at Dharam Samaj Degree College. The college installed them in men’s toilets nearest the classrooms conducting entrance exams for law and business degrees. Read More >>

Watches are Now Being Banned From GCSE and A Level Exams

It's no secret that people are willing to be big fat cheats whenever the opportunity arises, which is why things like smartphone and smartwatches are banned from exam rooms. Now, though, regular old watches are being added to the no-no list. Read More >>

YouTubers Are Mad Again After YouTube Deletes Videos With Paid Promos for Academic Cheating

YouTube has removed “hundreds” of videos advertising an essay-writing service, EduBirdie, following a BBC investigation that concluded over 250 channels were promoting the Ukraine-based company. Read More >>

An Elaborate Test Cheating Scheme in Asia Involved Hidden Phones and Flesh-Coloured Earpieces

A tutor and several accomplices were recently caught running a complex exam cheating operation in Singapore that one prosecutor called “highly sophisticated.” Unfortunately for them, it apparently wasn’t sophisticated enough to avoid getting busted. Read More >>

This Pac-Man Game Shows The Ghost’s Artificial Intelligence At Work As You Play

Cheating at games is nothing new. But we can be more creative than, say, simple invincibility. Take this version of the classic title Pac-Man by Shaun Williams, which lets you see the ghost’s pathing mechanic in real-time as you smash down those delicious yellow dots. Read More >>

The Line Between Legal and Illegal in Elite Sport is Only Going to Get Fuzzier

Team GB’s handsome haul of shiny stuff at the Rio Olympics may have brought smiles to our faces and a sense of pride to our hearts, but 2016 has been anything but a fantastic year in the fiercely competitive world of sport. Read More >>

pokemon go
Niantic Says It’ll Perma-Ban Pokémon Go Cheaters

Niantic Inc., the company behind that app you won’t stop hearing about Pokémon Go, has taken a stand against cheaters in the past, or anybody who violates its terms of service, such as sending out cease and desist letters to tracker apps. Now the company has stated that it will outright ban users for those violations. Read More >>

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Finger-Guiding Invisible Screen Protector is the Best Way to Cheat at Pokémon Go

Now that Niantic has taken a lot of the fun out of Pokémon Go, you have even fewer reasons to feel guilty about finding out-of-the-box ways to improve your game play (translation: cheating). A clunky 3D-printed smartphone case is one solution, but a finger-guiding invisible screen protector is a much better way to go. Read More >>

Why Athletes Will Win the War Against Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Last month, UFC mixed martial artist Jon Jones was busted for using an anti-estrogen drug known as hydroxy-clomiphene, as well as another drug, called Letrozole. Jones denied taking the drugs, claiming he didn’t even know how to pronounce them. Read More >>

How Pro Cyclists Cheat Using Motorised Bikes

If you thought Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal would be the last controversy to rock the world of professional cycling — you were wrong. Read More >>

Watch Out! Major Uni Bans All Forms of Wristwatches From Exams

Back in my day, schools used to recommend bringing a watch into tests so you’d keep track of the time. But now, the rise of smartwatches could lead to a flat-out ban of all timepieces for test-takers, if the latest rule at a major university in Japan is any indication. Read More >>

Chess Grandmaster Hid Phone in Toilet to Cheat During Tournament

Grandmaster Gaioz Nigalidze, the national chess champion of Georgia, is facing a mountain of international shame right now, after being caught apparently using a mobile phone hidden in a toilet cubicle to cheat during a tournament. Read More >>

Social Media Can Make Standardised Exam Questions Go Viral

When standardised tests are shared nationwide – as they now are in the US, under the Common Core system that's been adopted in 46 of the country's states – cheating suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. Especially since teenagers now share just about everything on social media. Read More >>

High Roller Takes Casino For £22 Million With Security Camera Hijack

Australia's biggest casino was taken for £22 million, when its own security cameras were used against it by a high-roller who managed to hijack the surveillance systems. Read More >>

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Anyone Can Be a Pool Shark When This Projector Calls the Shots

Pool is simple if you know your geometry. And physics. And have good hand-eye coordination. And while none of those seem that hard on their own, they can be a little tough to put together. But with a little help from tech, it becomes as easy as just keeping your eyes open. Read More >>