eBay Scalpers Cash in on Cheese Advent Calendar Crisis

It's not just Nintendo hardware that's making eBayers money at the moment — they're also winning big by reselling a strangely popular cheese selection advent calendar. Read More >>

Soldiers Eat Loads of Cheese to Test Super-Hearing Hypothesis

Did your grandmother ever tell you to eat up all your cheese as it helps you hear better? Mine neither. But that's a hypothesis that is being tested by the US Army, which is forcing cheese proteins into soldiers in the hope they develop super hearing, or that their ears might better repair damage caused by being exposed to things blowing up. Read More >>

Cheese-Rolling King Secures Hat Trick

The annual cheese-rolling events at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire took place over the weekend, and we're happy to report that, once again, no one died. The overall victor was, once again, Chris Anderson. Read More >>

So About That Hyped New Study on Cheese Being Great

Apparently, eating cheese will not cause a heart attack or stroke, according to a new study that lots of folks are writing about. But readers, fellow science and health writers, can we please all agree to read these studies and think about them a little before we take them as the irreproachable word of some dairy overlord? Read More >>

Don’t Listen to the Food Bloggers

The food bloggers and their eating trends of the week risk damaging the health of the nation, according to a charity concerned with the development of healthy bones. Read More >>

Is Raw Milk Cheese Dangerous?

Two people have died and four others have gotten sick off of soft raw-milk cheese from Vulto Creamery in New York, according to a release from the Centres for Disease Control first reported by Buzzfeed. The company has recalled those cheeses, but is there something about raw milk cheese, soft raw milk cheese in particular, could make people sick? Read More >>

Divers Discover a Tub of Cheese in a 17th-Century Shipwreck

An on-going excavation of a Swedish warship sunk in the 17th century recently yielded quite the haul. The newly found treasure includes gold coins, a diamond ring, and a 340-year-old pot of cheese. Truly, the ocean is full of wonders. Read More >>

Supermarket Cheese Recalled in Contaminated Camembert Crisis

Several of the UK's top supermarkets are currently wrestling to control a cheese crisis, after a batch of camembert imported from the moon was suspected to contain listeria. Read More >>

Scientists Have Worked Out Why Swiss Cheese Has Holes

The holes in Swiss cheese lend it a very distinctive appearance. But new analysis reveals that they’re not a result of gas produced bacteria in the cheese, or cheeky nibbling by mice—but something else entirely. Read More >>

Switzerland Puts Secret Bacteria in Cheese to Catch Knockoffs

In parts of Europe, where cheese is taken seriously as a source of national pride, entire labs are devoted to spotting knockoff Emmental and Gruyere. Switzerland has what may be the most impressive strategy yet: secret cocktails of bacteria, sent only to licensed cheesemakers, that work as living biological tracers. Read More >>

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cheese Rolling

Every year health and safety fanatics enter cardiac arrest while watching coverage of the annual Cheese Rolling competition. Read More >>

Don’t Eat the Russian Cheese, it’s Had Men in it

The above image appears to show workers in a Russian cheese factory taking a bath in milk, milk that investigators decided was destined to be turned into a uniquely man-flavoured local blend. Read More >>

Animal Protein Added to Smoking/Salt/Sugar/Fat/Carbs Early Death List

Feeling smug about eating a high-protein diet? Too bad, you may still die young like the rest of the carb-bloated population, with researchers suggesting a diet loaded with animal protein can increase the likelihood of developing serious diseases to a similar level to that seen in smokers. Read More >>

This Polaroid Produces Instant Slices of Cheesy Deliciousness

Instead of churning out instant photos, this Polaroid has had its camera guts removed and replaced with a simple cheese slicer. It still produces fond memories, but instead of a baby's smile or a day at the beach, it's fond memories eating thin slices of cheese. And that would put a smile on anybody's face—except the lactose intolerant. [Gamago via Chip Chick] Read More >>

How to Make Cheese Using Your Own Armpit Bacteria

We already know it's possible to make cheese using human bacteria. But the good news is that it's perfectly straightforward to make yourself, in the comfort of your own home! Here's a lovely little video from the New Scientist explaining it all. Read More >>