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The First Clip From Solo: A Star Wars Story Shows Chewbacca Officially Becoming Han’s Co-Pilot

Sure, presumably at this point in the movie Han and Chewie have been good friends for a while. But are they really “Han and Chewie,” the legendary intergalactic duo, until they’re sitting together at the helm of the Millennium Falcon? This first clip from Solo: A Star Wars Story shows us exactly when the magic moment occurred. Read More >>

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Chewbacca is the Unquestionable Star of This Solo TV Spot

Chewbacca is an underrated Star Wars character. Despite the fundamental crime of never giving him subtitles, it’s clear that he’s a wry, thoughtful companion to our heroes who is wise even beyond his many, many years. Read More >>

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The New Chewbacca Pens a Heartfelt Letter to Star Wars Fans

The mantle of Chewbacca has officially been passed down and the new actor knows he has a very big fur suit to fill. Read More >>

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A Wookiee Was Probably Shaved So You Could Have a Chewbacca Shoulder Bag

We’re never able to catch a glimpse of what’s inside the bag that Chewbacca carried in the original Star Wars. Maybe it was full of tools? Or ammo? Or snacks? But you could stash all of the above in this Chewbacca shoulder bag that looks like it might actually be made from shaved Wookiees. Read More >>

Just Look at the Luscious Fur Coat On This Animated Wookiee Figure

As one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe, there is no shortage of Chewbacca figures to be found. But Chewbacca figures that include his luxurious coat of Wookiee fur? Thinkway Toys might be the first with its 17-inch tall Chewie figure that’s also completely animated. Read More >>

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Inspire Star Wars Dreams With Vader or Chewbacca Bedding

Some people think they can seed their dreams with pre-sleep rituals that send them off into amazing adventures once they slumber. But why rely on your sub-conscious when this Star Wars bedding can have you reliving one of the greatest sagas of all time while you doze? Read More >>

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Where’s the Wookiee? Has Kids Searching For Chewbacca Instead of Wally

Martin Handford’s Where’s Wally books were some of the most popular children’s books of the late ‘80s. Not surprisingly there have been countless knock-offs which are all worth ignoring, except now that Chewbacca the Wookiee has gone missing all over the Star Wars universe. Read More >>

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Relax Beside the Burning Bodies of Your Enemies on the Chewbacca-Skin Rug

Ideal for romantic liaisons with slave girls, this Chewbacca-skin rug can be yours for $99 (£65). The maker says it is a "Fully-licensed Star Wars floor covering" so this is none of your cheap, rip-off, fake Chinese science fiction space creature skin. [Think Geek via Cnet] Read More >>

Attention Nerf Herders: Looks Like Chewbacca is Coming Back to the Big Screen

Star Wars fans rejoice! As filming on Episode VII begins it's been confirmed that everybody's favourite big walking carpet will be returning for another adventure in a galaxy far far away. That's right, we're going to see more of Chewbacca. Read More >>

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It’s Not Wise To Upset a Skateboarder Riding a Wookiee

It doesn't come with Lucasfilm or Disney's blessing, but if you're a rabid Star Wars fan with a particular penchant for Chewbacca, Geoff McCleary over at Weird Boards will happily build you this one-of-a-kind Wookiee longboard. Read More >>

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Is a Chewbacca Satchel the Best Thing Lucasfilm Has Ever Licensed?

Out of the way Chewbacca hoodie and every single pointy object that's ever been designed to look like a lightsaber. This officially licensed Chewbacca messenger bag is the best thing Lucasfilm has ever approved since The Empire Strikes Back. Read More >>

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Stay As Warm As a Wookiee In This Hoodie

Given he only ever wore a sash, I'm assuming Chewbacca's coat of fur keeps him plenty warm. So it stands to reason that a hoodie made from Wookiee fur would do the same, even if you don't live on Hoth. Read More >>