US Ambassador Slaps Chlorinated Chicken Back on the Table

The US ambassador to the UK has once again made the bizarre request that our food borders should be opened to America's chlorine-rinsed meat products, and has called for our Food Standards Agency to kill off the issue once and for all by rubber stamping the chlorination process as totally fine for use in imported foodstuffs. Read More >>

Popular US Snack “Chlorinated Chicken” to Remain on Post-Brexit Banned Imports List

It turns out the entire Brexit scheme wasn't covertly pushed on us by the North American poultry industry after all – or it it was it has failed – because the UK's environment secretary has promised that oddly treated US meats that are currently banned from import thanks to EU protections will remain banned from import here even under any future UK/US trade realignment. Read More >>

Suffolk Goes Full Plague With Restriction Zones and Mass Chicken Cull

This winter looks like it's going to be another shocker for the UK's poultry farmers, as an outbreak of the H5 strain of the virus commonly bracketed in the bird flu category has been discovered. Read More >>

Brazilian Chicken Destined for the UK Contaminated With Salmonella

Researchers investigating the Brazilian poultry production scene for fun or a podcast or something have warned on the stocks' high levels of the salmonella bug, with one million potentially infected birds thought to have hit the UK market over the last two years. Read More >>

People Called David Get a Free Bottle of Peri-Peri Sauce at Welsh Nando’s Today

Today is St. David's Day, the annual holiday (though sadly not in the day-off-work sense) for Wales's own patron saint. Read More >>

There’s Free Fried Chicken At Guinness’ Pop-Up Taproom

If schlepping over to Dublin to try out Guinness' Open Gate Brewery seems a bit of a faff but you'd still like some tasty beer, the Experimental Taproom popup in East London is for you. Read More >>

KFC Suppliers Ironically Showered With Cheap, Plentiful Chicken

So that KFC chicken crisis is still ongoing, which all sounds a bit weird to people who live in the countryside and only eat whatever's in the fridge for dinner. For the employees of one KFC supplier what's most likely to be in their fridges right now is chicken, and masses of it. Because it's being dumped off at a loss. Read More >>

KFC Ad Admits it FCK-ed Up

While men with forklift trucks dump rotting chicken into the sea* as people in the suburbs starve** in dystopian 2018 UK, the office-based part of the KFC corporation is using the chicken crisis to its advantage by putting out a jolly old ironic advertisement in the newspapers. Read More >>

KFC Closes Branches Due to Chicken/Road Problems

Several UK branches of white meat specialist KFC are currently closed, after distribution problems to do with getting lorry loads of chicken about the country on time led to the chain and its franchisees literally running out of meat to sell. Read More >>

How Many Chicken Nuggets Are in That Giant Chicken?

By now, you’ve definitely seen or at least heard of The Big Chicken. He is large. He contains multitudes. And he is most certainly real. Read More >>

Pity the Chicken That Laid This Egg Inside an Egg

This isn’t a miraculous occurrence or a trick. But it is very rare. Read More >>

London’s New Chicken2Me App Claims To Be ‘Uber For Fried Chicken’

If you're in the mood for fried chicken (and we're always in the mood for fried chicken), London's new food finding app might be right in your roost. Chicken2Me, currently an iOS exclusive but coming to Android "soon," maps out all the chicken shops in the capital with ratings and info. Read More >>

KFC’s ‘Secret Recipe’ Has Been Found and Photographed

The supposedly secret recipe behind the KFC brand of crispy chicken has been published online, after a relative of the actual Colonel allowed it to be photographed by a visiting reporter. Read More >>

KFC Is Giving Away Sun Cream That Makes You Smell Like Fried Chicken

The summer is drawing to a close, but there’s still time to catch some rays, get a glowing tan, and smell like extra crispy fried chicken (if you go abroad). Kentucky Fried Chicken—or KCF as it likes to be called now—is giving away tubes of sun cream that make you smell like you’ve slathered yourself in the Colonel’s secret 11 herbs and spices. That’s a good thing, right? Read More >>

Waitrose to Sell Super-Chicken Pumped With Omega 3 Oils

Waitrose is about to start selling a newer and apparently healthier strand of chicken meat in its supermarkets, one that'll come with a claim that it contains nice omega 3 oils to make us marginally more powerful after eating a whole pack strewn across a mountain of spaghetti. Read More >>