24 Countries Where the Money Contains Meat

This week, some people in Britain and Canada were shocked to learn that their money contains trace amounts of animal fat. The new banknotes use animal byproducts that are found in everything from credit cards and crayons to glue and soap. But We have confirmed that Britain and Canada aren’t the only ones. Read More >>

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It’s Impossible to Top the Badassery of Flying a Wingsuit Over an Active Volcano

The only thing that rivals the sheer number of cute kitten videos on YouTube is footage of extreme stunts. There’s no shortage of daredevils taking to the skies in wingsuits, but Roberta Mancino has bested them all by soaring over the active Villarrica stratovolcano in Chile. Read More >>

One of Google’s Loon Balloons Crashed in Chile

The internet is down in part of Chile, quite literally. One of Google’s data-spewing Loon balloons appears to have crashed in the South American country over the weekend. Read More >>

Architecture’s Top Prize Went to an Incredible Chilean Architect You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

The Pritzker Prize has been announced, an award which many consider to be the highest honour for design. This year’s prize went to Alejandro Aravena, a Chilean architect who you may not have heard of – but you definitely should get to know his work. Read More >>

The World’s Oldest Mummies are Suddenly Turning Into Black Goo

Having survived 8,000 years, the Chinchorro mummies found in modern-day Chile and Peru have started decaying more quickly than ever before—in some cases even melting into gelatinous "black ooze". Scientists at Harvard think they've found the reason why. Read More >>

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A Timelapse of all the Earthquakes From This Record-Breaking April

Didn't it seem to you that the ground was exceptionally shaky last month? That there were reports on big earthquakes happening somewhere pretty much every week? It wasn't just your imagination: April produced a higher-than-normal number of moderate-to-large earthquakes, and you can see it for yourself. Read More >>

Have You Heard the One About the Chilean Bridge and the Spanish Builders?

The project that would see the construction of Chile's first drawbridge has fallen into shambles as it has become clear that the bridge's builders have constructed one of the traffic decks upside down. Read More >>

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Passenger Records Terrifying Aborted Landing of Boeing 737

A Boeing 737-200 had to abort a landing after heavily damaging its right wing. The impact was so harsh that it ripped off part of the wing and damaged a flap. Thankfully, the plane recovered at the last second, when it seemed that a fatal impact was imminent. Read More >>

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These Linked Telescopes Are the Voltron of Astronomy

How do you create the world's largest virtual optical telescope and the most advanced visible-light astronomical observatory? Teamwork. The Very Large Telescope at the Paranal Observatory combines the visual prowess of four huge telescopes — for the first time ever — to mimic a 130-metre-wide mirror. Read More >>