The Good News is at Least the Chillies Will be Spicier

Something good's coming from the heatwave that's dried out most of the country, with the nation's main supermarket supplier of chillies saying that those grown during this fierce and spicy UK summer will end up tasting fiercer and spicier too. Read More >>

Something Is Killing Off Australia’s Chillies

Chilli peppers in Australia have been turning black and rotting on the vine, seemingly without explanation. Now researchers have finally identified just what’s been killing these poor chillies. Read More >>

Hapless Thief Utterly Nuked By Insane Chilli Heat

A shoplifter in Bristol bit off way more than he could chew when he decided it'd be a marvellous idea to half inch a bundle of Scotch Bonnet chillies. The hapless crim bundled a load into his gob before attempting to make a run for it. Big mistake. Read More >>