Human-Pig Chimeras Suggest a Long Road to Organ Farming

Several dozen embryos sat in a lab that seemed straight out of a David Lynch film — part pig, part human. It’s just the first step in a strange journey that may one day lead to a new way to grow and harvest human organs. Read More >>

marine biology
Bizarre Ghost Sharks Evolved From an Even Weirder Species of Ancient Fish

Analysis of a well-preserved ancient skull shows that ghost sharks — a group of elusive deep sea fish with abnormally large eyes and wing-like fins — are descended from a bizarre shark-like fish that lived 280 million years ago. Read More >>

marine biology
The First Footage Ever Taken of a Ghost Shark is Creepy as Hell

Remotely operated vehicle surveys off the coast of California and Hawaii have produced several observations of a large deep sea ghost shark known as a “pointy-nosed blue chimaera”. The resulting video footage is the first ever recorded of this elusive species in its natural habitat. Read More >>