How Does a Chimpanzee Eat a Tortoise? By Smashing It Like a Coconut

As omnivorous creatures, chimpanzees eat all sorts of things, including fruits, termites, tiny rodents and even fully grown monkeys. As for chimps eating reptiles, that’s completely unheard of – until now. Unprecedented observations have uncovered a community of chimps in Gabon that regularly consume tortoises. Read More >>

Chimps Use Branch as ‘Ladder’ in Bold Attempt at Escape From Belfast Zoo Enclosure

Some incredibly mischievous chimps put on quite a display for visitors at the Belfast Zoo over the weekend by attempting a big break from their enclosure – a daring effort that was captured on video as one managed to get beyond a wall. Read More >>

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Chimps Are Manipulative Dicks, New Research Confirms

As humans, we like to think we’re the only species capable of using others to get what we want. New research shows that chimpanzees, in the right circumstances, are also capable of social manipulation, highlighting a previously unknown cognitive capacity in our ape relatives. Read More >>

Human Babies Laugh Just Like Chimpanzees

The world is bad, but babies remain good. Read More >>

Toddlers and Chimpanzees Share a Surprising Unspoken Language

Prior to developing the capacity for speech, toddlers communicate their desires, demands, and discontent using a diverse repertoire of physical gestures. As a new study shows, there’s a significant amount of overlap between the gestures employed by human children and those made by other ape species, a finding that’s casting new light on the origin of primate communication. Read More >>

Chimp Beds Are Way Less Filthy Than Human Beds

In a twist that rivals cinema’s best, a new study published Tuesday in Royal Society Open Science suggests a horrible truth: we’ve been the damn dirty apes all along. It found that beds made by one of our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees, contain little personal filth, meaning germs and parasites from their own body, and certainly much less filth than what’s typically seen in human homes and beds. Read More >>

A 2-Year-Old Chimp Named Betty Died From Common Cold Virus We Didn’t Even Know Chimps Could Catch

Since time immemorial, humans have had a knack for being complete and utter dicks to the other animals we share our planet with. Often, we even manage to screw things up for other species without meaning to. A study published earlier this month in the journal of Emerging Infectious Disease has retroactively uncovered one such incident: That time we gave a town of chimpanzees a cold bug that ultimately left five dead, including an adorable 2-year-old baby named Betty (pictured above). Read More >>

RIP Chantek, the Signing Orangutan Who Was Just Like Us

There is no permanent good in this world. One minute, everything seems fine. The next minute, the forces of darkness steal away Chantek, the beloved, 39-year-old signing orangutan. Read More >>

Signs of Alzheimer’s Detected in Brains of Chimps For First Time

Humans are the only animals known to develop Alzheimer’s disease, an age-related brain disorder that causes impaired cognitive functioning and other behavioural problems. Or at least, that’s what we thought. For the first time ever, researchers are claiming to have found signs of the disease in the brains of elderly chimps—a discovery that could yield new insights into the dreaded disorder. Read More >>

Scientists Have Finally Figured Out Why Chimps Are So Damn Strong

Humans may have big, bulbous brains, but when it comes to pure muscle power, we’re often considered the weakest of the great apes. Even chimpanzees, who are significantly smaller than us, exhibit levels of strength that are practically super-human by our standards. New research shows the degree to which our primate cousins are stronger than us—and why their tiny bodies pack such an impressive punch. Read More >>

An Edible Vaccine For Wild Apes Could Revolutionise the Way We Fight Ebola

Like humans, gorillas and chimpanzees can get infected by Ebola. To protect our closest relatives from this dreaded disease, and to prevent the virus from spilling over into human populations, scientists have now developed an oral vaccine to combat Ebola in the wild. It sounds very promising, but the researchers have run into legal, political, and ethical obstacles that could make it difficult to push the research further. Read More >>

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Human Wearing Chimp Suit Chased Around Zoo in the Name of Safety

It was only a drill. Staff at the Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo recently chased an unlucky coworker dressed in a droopy chimpanzee suit during an escaped animal drill. Eventually, the zookeepers shot at the costumed human with a tranquilizer gun, loaded the poor guy into a truck, and hopefully, paid for all the beers at happy hour. Read More >>

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This Chimpanzee Wearing a VR Headset Should Make You Very Uncomfortable

This week, Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, the founder of The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, posted an Instagram video of a chimpanzee wearing an HTC Vive virtual reality headset. There’s no sound, but the brief clip shows the chimpanzee sweeping its hands across the headset and reaching out to grab at the air in front of it—not unlike what some humans look like while wearing the device. Read More >>

Video Footage Captures Mother Chimp Caring For Disabled Baby in the Wild

Nature is not known for its tender compassion. But for the very first time, biologists have captured footage of a chimpanzee mother in the wild caring for her severely disabled child. The infant lived for only 23 months. Read More >>

Proven: The More Shit a Chimp Throws, the Smarter It Is

It turns out chimps at the zoo insist on repeatedly hurling their faeces at me because they're geniuses and not just because it's hilarious. Seriously. Scientists studied chimp throwing and developed the following axiom: The frequency and accuracy with which a chimpanzee throws objects—INCLUDING POOP—is directly correlated to its intelligence. It's good for society, too. Read More >>