How Does a Chimpanzee Eat a Tortoise? By Smashing It Like a Coconut

As omnivorous creatures, chimpanzees eat all sorts of things, including fruits, termites, tiny rodents and even fully grown monkeys. As for chimps eating reptiles, that’s completely unheard of – until now. Unprecedented observations have uncovered a community of chimps in Gabon that regularly consume tortoises. Read More >>

Chimp Beds Are Way Less Filthy Than Human Beds

In a twist that rivals cinema’s best, a new study published Tuesday in Royal Society Open Science suggests a horrible truth: we’ve been the damn dirty apes all along. It found that beds made by one of our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees, contain little personal filth, meaning germs and parasites from their own body, and certainly much less filth than what’s typically seen in human homes and beds. Read More >>

North Korea’s Zoo Chimp Smokes a Pack a Day Because Life Is Cruel and People Are Terrible

Nineteen-year-old Azalea, a chimp who’s probably as smart as your kid, has to live in North Korea’s Central Zoo in Pyongyang. But that’s not why she’s smoking a pack a day. It’s because some arsehole trained her to use a lighter, to puff smoke, and then bow and dance for delighted families all day. Read More >>

How Did This Escaped Chimp Not Get Zapped Into Oblivion?

In a scene eerily reminiscent of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, an escaped chimpanzee sought refuge on the power lines of a Japanese suburb. The chimp was eventually subdued after a frantic two-hour police chase, but you have to wonder: why didn’t he get zapped by the power lines? Here’s the answer. Read More >>

Even Chimps Enjoy Getting Hammered

It's not just the shaved chimps that populate our towns and cities that enjoy drinking to excess at every opportunity they get -- real chimps in the wild seem to enjoy guzzling alcoholic plant sap too. Read More >>

Chimps Learn Not to Get Squashed When Crossing the Road

A quite extraordinary video shows a clever little chimpanzee checking both ways before crossing the road, with scientists suggesting this means they're probably clever enough to be shaved and adopted as children by Hollywood celebrities. Read More >>

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This Chimp Is Smarter Than You

You think you’re the king of the jungle, but think again. When it comes to memory tasks, this 11-year-old chimp that was born and raised in the Primate Research Institute of Japan’s Kyoto University, has you beat; you wouldn’t even stand a chance. Read More >>