China Has Already Gene-Edited 86 People With CRISPR

While the US's first planned clinical trials of CRISPR gene editing in people are about to kick off. China has been racing ahead, having already used the gene-altering tool to change the DNA of dozens of people in several clinical trials. Read More >>

What the Hell Happened to the Cryptocurrency This Week?!

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. These three words are the bane of Bitcoiners’ existence. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts use the acronym FUD to describe any negativity that might be swirling around the market that causes prices to drop. And the FUD was strong this week, when the whole cryptocurrency ecosphere got screwed. Read More >>

US Army Base Ditches Chinese-Made Surveillance Cameras Just So No One Gets the Wrong Idea

US Army officials say they replaced five Chinese-made surveillance cameras from Fort Leonard Wood, a base in the state of Missouri, in response to news stories about the company that manufactures them. The five cameras were made by Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, which is 42 per cent owned by the Chinese government and is just one of several Chinese firms facing greater scrutiny by American officials. Read More >>

Is China Really Planning to Destroy Space Junk With Lasers?

There may be at least half a million pieces of man-made junk orbiting this planet. Tiny pieces can travel around 10 kilometres per second, far faster than a bullet. The International Space Station has had to adjust its orbit just to avoid the stuff. People are rightfully concerned about what to do with all this orbital litter. Read More >>

The American Dreams of China’s Biggest Smartphone Brand Are Basically Dead

Lawmakers are determined to bury any dreams that Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei has ever had of gaining traction in the US. After pressuring AT&T to kill a major deal with the company this week, members of Congress are now moving forward with a bill that would ban the federal government from working with contractors that use any equipment from Huawei or ZTE. Read More >>

Report: China Plans to Root Out Crypto Platforms Offering ‘Exchange-Like Services’

The Chinese government is continuing to intensify its crackdown on the cryptocurrency market, Bloomberg reported, and is planning on extending its ban on crypto exchanges to pursue alternative “online platforms and mobile apps that offer exchange-like services.” Read More >>

China’s Crackdown on Crypto-Mining Threatens Bitcoin’s Future

With its price dropping, sky-high transaction fees, growing traction among competitors, and regulatory agencies taking action in several countries, Bitcoin is starved for good news. Last week marked another blow against dominant cryptocurrency: China is working to rid itself of bitcoin mining companies. Read More >>

CES 2018: Here’s the Latest EV Startup Trying to Take Down Tesla

It’s not often you get to see the birth of the new car brand, but with Tesla’s recent success (and the backing of deep-pocketed investors in China), newly formed Future Mobility Corp. is giving things a go with its new electric car brand Byton. Read More >>

Let’s All Be Charmed By This Chinese Man Who Makes a Living Live-Streaming Farming

So much of our extremely online lives now revolves around things like the president of the United States threatening to either nuke North Korea or show them his genitals (not sure which!) or worrying about massive security breaches. But hey, some of it also rules. Read More >>

A Chinese Man Got Five and a Half Years in Prison for Running a VPN to Bypass the Great Firewall

China's internet is notorious for its censorship, with the term 'Great Firewall' noting the divide between what you can and can't access within the country. Naturally you could get round the censorship with a VPN, but the Chinese government cracked down on them to stop it happening. Read More >>

Famous Walls Agree to Work Together

Walls have had a bit of a bad time of it of late, thanks in part to that American monster wanting to build one to keep people apart. But over here and in China work is underway to rebuild the reputation of the popular stone-based construction, with two of the world's best walls agreeing to work together. Read More >>

Fake Poster of the Justice League Murdering Marvel Characters Was Used for Real in China

This is not as cute as Spider-Man taking a nap with some pandas. A doctored Justice League poster portraying DC’s heroes stomping, skewering, and decapitating some of the competition has been making the rounds in China, including being used as an actual cinema poster and elevator ad. Read More >>

Skype Removed From Apple’s App Store in China

Skype is now absent from several app stores in China, namely Apple’s, making it the latest victim of the nation’s harsh internet censorship efforts known as the Great Firewall. Read More >>

LinkedIn Restricts Job-Posting Features in China After Pressure From Authorities

LinkedIn, one of the few Western internet companies with a large footprint in China, saw a major setback there this week when it removed its individual job-posting function under pressure from authorities, the New York Times reported. Read More >>

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Adds ‘Kung Fu Movie Star’ to CV

Jack Ma, the eccentric CEO of online marketplace Alibaba, has a well-documented flair for the theatrical. Now the South China Morning Post—a newspaper owned by Ma—reports their boss will assume a starring role in the upcoming short movie Gong Shou Dao. Read More >>