Leaky Database Reveals Horrifying GPS Surveillance of China’s Uyghur Muslims

A misconfigured online database has exposed new details of China’s tyrannical surveillance apparatus, which the country’s government has used to further suppress one of its most persecuted populations. Read More >>

Reddit Lands £116 Million From Chinese Censorship Giant Tencent as Users Call BS

Reddit has raised a $300 million (£233 million) investment round led by a $150 million (£116 million) cash injection from the Chinese tech titan Tencent. Meanwhile, the San Francisco-based social media site, valued at $3 billion (£2.3 billion) and ranked as the sixth most popular website in the United States, is still banned in China. Read More >>

Freaky View from Lunar Orbit Shows Chinese Lander on the Moon’s Far Side

An image captured by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter shows the Chang’e 4 landing site from a distance of over 200 miles, revealing both the probe and the desolate lunar landscape around it. Read More >>

Reddit, Banned in China, Is Reportedly Set to Land £116 Million Investment From a Chinese Censorship Powerhouse

Who really thinks about where the money is coming from as long as you get the money? Read More >>

Programmer at Chinese Bank Jailed After Reportedly Finding a Secret Way to Withdraw £796,000

A software chief of a Chinese bank reportedly found a loophole in his company’s system and managed to stealthily withdraw seven million yuan (£795,665) over the course of 14 months. When he was caught, he explained he was testing the system. Huaxia Bank bought it, but the authorities didn’t. Read More >>

Chinese Scientists Launch Weather Rocket From Semi-Submersible Vehicle for Typhoon Measurements

In an apparent first, Chinese scientists have launched a weather-observing rocket from an uncrewed semi-submersible vehicle (USSV). I guess anything can be a 'first' if no one has done it before and it’s specific enough. Read More >>

The Great Huawei Disconnect

Chinese tech giant Huawei is embroiled in numerous controversies including allegations of corporate espionage, fraud, attempted theft of a T-Mobile robot, and violation of sanctions against Iran. It’s also the manufacturer of great consumer products like a nearly flawless MacBook Air clone and one of the most technologically advanced smartphones on the market. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to talk about one without the other. So let’s talk about it. Read More >>

Canada’s Ambassador to China Fired for Saying End of Huawei Extradition Case Would Be ‘Great’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has fired the country’s ambassador to China, John McCallum, for saying that the detained chief financial officer of Chinese tech giant Huawei could make a strong case to avoid extradition to the US—and that perhaps it would be really good if Canada just backed down on the matter, the Guardian reported on Saturday. Read More >>

That Time Apple’s Manufacturing Plans Got Screwed

For many years, “Designed by Apple in California” has been the closest most Apple products can come to claiming the “Made In U.S.A.” label. But in 2012, the company decided to assemble the Mac Pro in Texas. According to a new report, that plan got off to a rocky start because of a single tiny screw. Read More >>

China May Have Blocked Microsoft’s Bing in Latest Censorship Play: Report

This year is already proving to be challenging for Microsoft’s Bing. It appears as of Wednesday that the search engine is no longer accessible in China, even despite the company’s commitment to censoring its search results. Read More >>

China Says Gene-Editing Scientist Broke Laws to Pursue ‘Personal Fame and Gain’

The scientist responsible for creating the world’s first genetically modified babies violated government bans and committed fraud, according to Chinese investigators. He Jiankui—and those who helped him—will reportedly now be handed over to security authorities and “severely dealt with.” Read More >>

Seeds Have Sprouted on the Moon for the First Time [Update: It Died]

China’s miniature biosphere experiment has yielded a sprouting cotton seed, and they are the first plants to germinate on the Moon – an important first step in creating a viable, self-sustaining lunar colony. Read More >>

Potatoes Have a Form of ‘Depression,’ but Scientists Have an Idea to Cure Them

Scientists are trying to revolutionise potatoes and, in the process, cure the tubers’ depression, the result of generations of inbreeding. Read More >>

Witchcraft, Blood, Porn, and Tibetan Independence Banned on Short-Video Apps in China

In the latest extension of the Great Firewall of China, the nation is pushing a set of guidelines on Douyin—the Chinese version of TikTok run by the same parent company—as well as other short-form video apps. These new rules press the social media companies to monitor for 100 types of illicit content. Read More >>

Huawei Founder Denies Company is Spying For China, Praises Donald Trump as ‘Great President’

Ren Zhengfei, the billionaire founder and CEO of Chinese tech company Huawei, gave a rare roundtable interview with reporters today to discuss security concerns. The 74-year-old insisted that his company isn’t beholden to the Chinese government and he called Donald Trump a “great president” because the American leader has cut taxes for businesses. It was the first time Ren has talked with the foreign press since 2015. Read More >>