RAF Air Drops Radiators on Snowbound Cumbrian Villages

Bloody hell, there's like a proper crisis going on in Cumbria, and for once it's more serious than parking issues and tourists not knowing how to reverse -- it's a life or death snow apocalypse. Read More >>

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This is a Ridiculously Perfect Shot of a Chinook Helicopter 

Just look at this photo. On the highest mountain peak in North America, surrounded by stunning snowy scenery and beneath a sun halo, sits a 50-year-old tandem rotor heavy lift helicopter equipped with ski landing gear. Read More >>

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How to Jump Out of a Chinook in Style

These Airmen sure make jumping out of the back of massive transport helicopter under the roar of spinning rotors look good. It looks like they're just chilling up there standing on air. They're defying physics — with the help of a photographer, of course. Read More >>

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You’ll Never Believe an Ancient Helicopter Can Move Like This

The Pentagon first started to dream up the CH-47 Chinook in the 1950s. That's dinosaur time—but the dual-rotor bird still has some completely insane powers by today's standards. Read More >>

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Land a Helicopter Next to a Giant Tent

When landing a helicopter, I guess there are a few basic rules to follow. Make sure you don't land on people likely comes first, but a close second is probably to avoid landing near things that stand a good chance of getting blown away. This pilot didn't remember that part. Read More >>