Lindt Launches a New Flavour to Get You Through Lockdown

Lindt has quietly rolled out a little lockdown treat with a new truffle flavour – salted caramel. Yum! Read More >>

99p Vegan Creme Egg Clone Hits Holland & Barrett

The niche handmade vegan Cadbury Creme egg clone that appeared last year has hit the big time in 2020, with the maker of the ridiculously-named Mummy Meagz Vegan Chuckie Egg doing a deal to sell its all-vegan chocolate treat on the high street via Holland & Barrett. Read More >>

The National Trust Burys Cadbury’s Eggs For Good

Health campaigners and religious sorts have long found it odd that the National Trust encourages the consumption of Cadbury-brand chocolate eggs each year, as part of a series of nationwide Easter egg hunts it's been organising on its sites for more than a decade. That association is going to end from 2021, though, as the Trust seeks a method not involving chocolate bribery to get the young through its gates. Read More >>

New Quality Street Chocolate is the First for 85 Years

The words 'Quality Street' don't often come up in conversation in February, but it seems Nestlé would like to remind us it exists now that the Christmas season has well and truly passed. Read More >>

Maltesers Buttons Ruined by Adding Mint. And by Being Buttons

For the first time ever, Maltesers are getting tainted with a flavour other than their malty chocolatey goodness. Read More >>

Nestle’s Seasonal Chocolates Now Includes Smarties Penguins

There are five of these bug-eyed characters to choose from, all made from milk chocolate and filled with Smarties. Read More >>

Vegan Galaxy Chocolate Launches for Only Three Times the Usual Price

Mars has noted earth's current extreme demand for vegan products and is about to launch three Vegan Society-approved variants of its Galaxy chocolate, hoping it can do in the sweets market what Greggs did in the lunch slot. Read More >>

Nestle Puts Fruit Bits in a KitKat for the Health Bloggers

Nestle has done something that'll fool only the most fool-worthy of Instagram influencers; it has put small bits of fruit and nuts in a KitKat so it can pretend it's a healthy option you could entirely live on and turn out totally fine. Read More >>

Cadbury Puts Massive Chocolate Foot in Diversity Debate

Cadbury did something it thought was good and very clever to help celebrate India's Independence Day, blending together four chocolates of various milkiness and combining them into one bar. This says that no matter what the colour of the skin of the person you eat is, we all taste the same. Read More >>

Curly Wurly, Fudge and Chomp Fall to Portion Size Police

Cadbury is about to melt, temptingly and deliciously and metaphorically, to modern opinion about sugary food portion sizes, and is to begin reshaping its ranges of chocolates for children to bring them under the 100 calories-per-pack psychological limit. As if any of the kids ever eat just one of anything any more. Read More >>

Doctors Say We’ve Probably Already Eaten the Easter Eggs We Bought for Others

Easter eggs going on sale in January is one of our many national shames that's being singled out by doctors today, who say the trend for kicking off the Easter buying as early as possible is making us fat. Because the ones we buy in January get eaten during February periods of weakness. And the ones we buy in February are gone by early March. And so on. Read More >>

Ikea’s Made A Flat-Pack Chocolate Bunny for Easter

Well, you can't accuse Ikea of having no sense of humour — the company has fully taken the piss out of itself with its Easter 2019 product: a flat-pack chocolate bunny. Read More >>

A Vegan Cream Egg is Set to be 2019’s Next Alt-Food Smash

This is a cream egg not a Creme Egg before you start, as it has nothing to do with the Cadbury option. It's a hand-injected or hand-slapped together independent cream-filled egg assembled by a family team in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, that is now available to buy online for the first time to satisfy the unmet Easter needs of vegans across the country. Read More >>

Cadbury’s Made A Chocolate Bar Shaped Like A Football Pitch

Have you ever wanted to eat an entire football pitch's worth of chocolate? Well, Cadbury has your back -- sort of. Read More >>