Oops! A Tippy Truck Spilled Tonnes of Sticky Chocolate All Over the Road

When trucks full of stuff flip, they sometimes spill their contents on the ground. Sometimes it’s money. Sometimes it’s a tonne of Skittles. This time it’s warm, brown goo. Read More >>

White £2k Creme Egg Remains Lost in Distribution Chain

Sorry to go mentioning easter in early May when you're trying to forget chocolate exists in order to fit in your video game t-shirts again, but it's to do with that white Creme Egg promotion. Cadbury says no one ever came forward to claim the £2k prize, so all of those ruined eggs that had their skins peeled back were rifled through in vain. Read More >>

High-End Pink Kit Kat Stinking Up Shelves From April 16

There's a new kind of Kit Kat on the way, and as if that wasn't exciting enough wait until you see what colour it is. We can't even wait until the second paragraph to tell you, it's that exciting -- it's pink. That almost certainly means it's healthy enough to be lunch. Read More >>

Which Chocolate Is The Most Unhealthy?

Shops are bastards. There you are, with your basket of moderately healthy food heading for the checkouts. And right before it is rack after rack of chocolate bars and snacks. Forget worrying about Facebook knowing all about us: Tesco has known our weaknesses all along. Read More >>

Amazon Sent Us A Chocolate Echo For Some Reason

One of the weirder things about being a technology journalist is that occasionally, PR people will send you stuff unsolicited, in a bid for some free coverage of their brand. 99% of the time, this never works. But, annoyingly, Amazon has managed to break through my cynicism with chocolate. Read More >>

Cadbury Freddo Price Axed to 25p Each as Britain is SAVED

Yes, people power and perhaps even the (garden) gloved hand of Jeremy Corbyn has secured a victory for the common man and his equally common and obese child! The price of the Cadbury Freddo is about to be relaxed from its incendiary high of 30p each, with some frogs -- of the same size and recipe -- about to hit the shops with a printed-on, non-negotiable RRP of just 25p. Read More >>

How to Turn All Your Leftover Easter Eggs Into a Functional Chocolate Knife

Is “leftover Easter eggs” an oxymoron? Does such a thing even exist? If, for some bizarre reason, you get tired of consuming chocolate eggs this April, don’t throw all that candy away. As YouTube user Knifemaker demonstrates, you could actually turn all those sugary treats into a functional kitchen knife. Read More >>

Shops Gutted in Hunt for £2,000 Albino Creme Egg

We hate to say we told you so, but, on January 3 in a post titled 'There Are White Creme Eggs in Them There Supermarkets' we correctly hypothesised that the hiding of random white eggs within the foil Creme Egg packaging would lead to mass peeling away of foil and spoiling of normal eggs in the hunt for prize-winning white eggs. And it has. It's in the news. Read More >>

There Are White Creme Eggs in Them There Supermarkets

Cadbury has done a great thing or a silly thing depending on your opinion of the sociopolitical importance of the Creme Egg recipe, with a white-shelled version of the classic January-through-April treat now on sale. Read More >>

Cadbury’s Pulled Fudge From its Selection Boxes, and People are Outraged

Change happens but people will always resist it, being the dumb panicking apes that we are. Sometimes that resistance will be an obvious pre-planned stunt, like how Walkers claimed it might get rid of a classic flavour "forever". Sometimes it's just something that had to be done. Whatever the reason, though, Cadbury has pulled the Fudge bar from its selection boxes, and people are fuming. Read More >>

Unsolicited Sainsbury’s Chocolate Delivery Sickens Dogs

Some people at Sainsbury's supermarket -- in association with posh chocolate brand Green & Black's -- thought it might be nice to jointly advertise both brands by sending out free chocolate to a random selection of homes. Everyone loves free chocolate, they thought. Nothing can go wrong. We'll be heroes. Read More >>

The Poundland/Toblerone Legal Battle Rumbles On

Last month Poundland revealed that its Toblerone-like chocolate bar, dubbed 'Twin Peaks', had been delayed because Toblerone owner Mondelēz said threatened legal action as it felt Twin Peaks was too similar to its own triangular chocolate. Read More >>

Poundland Toblerone Clone Delayed Over Legal Threat

Poundland had a noble idea that would capture the hearts of the nation; rebuilding the damaged and laughable Brexit Toblerone. Going under the name of Twin Peaks and with a double-top mountain shape and no wide glacial valleys of shame between its edible mountains, the bar was set to launch in early July -- for £1 -- but has been delayed due to a legal threat from Toblerone maker Mondelez. Read More >>

Our Greatest Geological Discovery Is This Chocolate Boulder With Edible Geodes Inside

If you thought Cadbury Creme Eggs were humanity’s greatest confectionery creation, Alex O’Brien Yeatts, a baking and pastry student at the Culinary Institute of America, has come up with a dessert that looks straight out of a geology textbook—not a cookbook. Read More >>

Maltesers are the Latest Victim of Exchange Rate Shortchanging

Mars Confectionery, the producer of nice things we buy in public and consume in bouts of intense private shame, is the latest manufacturer to reduce portion sizes in some of its treats. This isn't to save us from ourselves or stop the nation turning obese -- it's so it can charge the same amount of money for giving us less. Read More >>