There’s No Such Thing As ‘Good Cholesterol’ Says Pivotal New Study

A surprising new genetic study shows that some people with naturally high levels of HDL cholesterol — the supposedly good kind of cholesterol — are at increased risk of a heart attack. Doctors are now further questioning the use of drugs to boost HDL levels while looking to new therapies to reduce heart risk. Read More >>

Good Cholesterol Isn’t as Good as We Thought

Over the past few decades, scientists have suggested that high levels of HDL—which has come to be known as "good cholesterol"—can reduce the risk of heart attack. New evidence, however, suggests that might not be the case after all. Read More >>

A Test That Will Tell You If You’re Going To Have a Heart Attack

Scientists have developed a test that detects whether the large, misshapen, mutant cells that indicate you're due for an acute myocardial infarction are circulating through your bloodstream. Read More >>