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Chris Chibnall’s New Doctor Who Short Story is a Deeper Glimpse Into Regeneration

The circumstances of the Thirteenth Doctor’s regeneration were particularly momentous because while she, like most Doctors before her, was able to regenerate just fine, moments later she was flung out of her ship above the Earth and left to fall to the planet’s surface as her TARDIS both exploded and dematerialised—“dematerialexploding” – before her eyes. This was not an ideal situation. Read More >>

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Chris Chibnall Cast a Black Woman as the Doctor, But It’s Only Just a Start

In this week’s episode, “Fugitive of the Judoon,” the BBC’s Doctor Who made history by casting a Black woman, Jo Martin, as the Doctor for the first time in the series’ 57-year history. Let’s talk about it. Read More >>

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Doctor Who’s Surprise Return Says They Kept It a Secret From Almost Everyone…Except David Tennant

Doctor Who’s latest episode was full of surprises – to the point where a major cast member making their long-awaited return wasn’t even the biggest part! The actor behind one of the coolest cameos this side of the TARDIS is sharing details about that fateful Chris Chibnall phone call, what his codename was on set, and why he couldn’t resist telling David Tennant he was back. Read More >>

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Doctor Who Just Flipped Its Entire Script

Sunday night’s Doctor Who was meant to be, like much of season 12 so far, a reminder of its more familiar self of the past few years in the wake of last season’s bold experiments with the tone and scope of the show. Familiar aliens stalking familiar Earth streets, a monster-packed romp just like the good old days. And then suddenly... it wasn’t. Read More >>

Your First Thrilling Look at Doctor Who Season 12 Is Here

It’s here! The trailer for Doctor Who season 12 has finally arrived, providing our first real glimpse of Jodie Whittaker’s second season playing the titular Time Lord. Read More >>