Chris Evans’ Last Day on the Avengers 4 Set Was Apparently Not All That Exciting

Finishing a film, and especially finishing a film that might be (if very plausible rumours are to be believed) your last outing in a long film franchise, sounds exciting, right? Doing one last big scene, putting a capper on an incredible experience. Read More >>

Reports Claim Matt LeBlanc Wants to Leave Top Gear, Unless Chris Evans Goes First

The new Evans-led Top Gear hasn't been having a good time. Not only were last week's viewing figures lower than they have been since 2003, it seems there are yet more feuds going on behind the scenes. Specifically, reports claim that Matt LeBlanc is threatening to leave the show if the BBC doesn't sack Chris Evans first. Read More >>

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New Top Gear’s Viewing Figures Fell to Another Fresh Low Last Night

At what point will Chris Evans’ misery stop bringing joy to the people? For me, it’s probably right about now. When will it stop being news? Time will tell. The third episode of revamped Top Gear drew in just 2.4 million viewers last night -- that represents the smallest overnight audience for the show for at least a decade, and potentially  the worst numbers since 2002, when Jeremy Clarkson returned to the show. Read More >>

New Top Gear Review: Same Old Show, Different Presenters

It's been over a year since Jeremy Clarkson had the outburst that cost him his job on Top Gear, and since then a lot of people have wondered what the BBC was going to do with the franchise. Then they announced Chris Evans and a whole host of other as the new presenters, but things remained up in the air. Now we get to see what's what. Read More >>

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James May’s Doing the Amazon Prime Version of Top Gear Out of Duty, Not Choice

Former Top Gear presenter James May has revealed a few more details about the new car show set to debut on Amazon Prime this autumn. He’s confirmed that he and fellow hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond have a massive budget to play with, and that there'll be at least 30 episodes to look forward to. Read More >>

BBC Hires Sensible Lady to Rein in Chris Evans’ Top Gear

The BBC is still fiddling with the controls of its new Top Gear reboot a mere couple of months ahead of its launch, with the corporation's current head of factual entertainment taking on a new editorial overseer role on the car show. Read More >>

Top Gear’s Chris Evans Bites Back at Jeremy Clarkson With Rainbow Reference

Despite criticism about his new show that is months from hitting the airwaves, new new Top Gear host has hit back at critics and labelled the former hosts of old new Top Gear as "Zippy, Bungle, and George". Read More >>

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Netflix Wants to Share Rights to Chris Evans’ Top Gear With the BBC

Netflix is reportedly in talks with the BBC over streaming rights to the new, Chris Evans-fronted version of Top Gear. What such a deal would entail is currently unknown -- Netflix offering each episode of the new series after they’ve been pulled off iPlayer, perhaps? -- but it would be fascinating to see an online showdown between old-new and new-new Top Gear. Read More >>

BBC Bosses Deny Chris Evans Didn’t Want Matt LeBlanc on New ‘Top Gear’

Recent claims that the rebooted Top Gear is struggling under the captaincy of Chris Evans have been refuted by the BBC, with the corporation's acting director stepping in to say that suggestions of on-set strife are "simply not true." Read More >>

Here’s the New Top Gear Series’ Complete Presenter Line-Up

The BBC has finally revealed the new Top Gear line-up, with F1 commentator Eddie Jordan, German racing-driver Sabine Schmitz, car reviewer Rory Reid and motoring journalist and YouTube star Chris Harris set to help Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc fill the boots of those that came before them. Read More >>

Reports Say Chris Evans Threatened to Quit Troubled ‘Top Gear’ Reboot

Yet more possibly portentous bad news has emerged from those close to the BBC's refreshed Top Gear production, with sources claiming that new lead host Chris Evans has threatened to walk away from the deal. Read More >>

“Car Sick” Chris Evans May be Regretting Taking the Top Gear Job

The BBC's return to Top Gear has been beset by odd production rumours so far, with the latest being perhaps the most bizarre yet; a suggestion that new host Chris Evans was seen puking beside the road due to car sickness. Read More >>

BBC Denies That Top Gear’s Chris Evans is Pissing Off Staff by Being Rubbish

The Beeb has hit back at reports claiming that new Top Gear presenter Chris Evans has been struggling to get to grips with presenting while driving. The Sun today reported that, according to an unnamed source, Evans required up to 10 takes to perfect a shot, and that his troubles were causing frustration amongst other members of staff. Read More >>

Top Gear’s Back on the BBC in May 2016

8 May 2016. Stick the date in your diary. Chris Evans (aka Jeremy Clarkson v2.0) has confirmed that Top Gear will return to the BBC on the second Sunday of the month, just a few days after filming finishes on 5 May. Read More >>

Chris Evans Receives Clarkson & Hammond’s Approval – Could James May Return to Top Gear?

Chris Evans has received the blessing of the three former Top Gear presenters to take over the show, with Richard Hammond apparently saying "you were designed and built for that job". Read More >>