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Watch the World’s Most Complex Rube Goldberg Machine Light Up a Christmas Tree

A Latvian company called Scandiweb was recently awarded the Guinness World Record for Largest Rube Goldberg machine after spending over two months designing and building the 412-step contraption that ultimately does nothing more than push a button to light up a gigantic Christmas tree. Read More >>

Spread Christmas Cheer Even Farther With This Flying Remote Controlled Tree

Wouldn't decorating for Christmas be so much easier if you could simply have a decked-out tree delivered to your home that would then simply up and fly away on the 26th? That dream is now one step closer to reality thanks to Otto Dieffenbach from Flyguy Promotions who's created an RC flying Christmas tree that doesn't look too shabby. Read More >>

Your Next Real Christmas Tree Might Have a Wacky New Colour or Scent

Botanists have been busy trying to iron out the pesky needle drop from Christmas trees for years by crossing different species of fir. But now, scientists are getting involved—and the results could mean that your next tree looks or smells completely different. Read More >>

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This Rocket Blast-Off Is the Farewell Your Christmas Tree Deserves

Christmas is over. Chances are you still have your tree up, but sooner or later you're going to have to get rid of it. Sure you could unceremoniously toss its naked corpse into the street, but you could also turn it into a crazy rocket. Then again, you probably shouldn't, but if you did it might go something like this. Read More >>

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X-Ray X-Mas Tree Is X-tra Neat

Nick Veasey is a mad scientist-photographer who x-rays everything that falls onto his hands, including a Boeing 777. He did a new series for these holidays: gifts and Christmas trees photographed with his giant x-ray machine. [Nick Veasey via Herald Sun] Read More >>

The World’s Best Christmas Tree Is Made of Lego

London might be cold, grey, wet and miserable. But at least it has a giant Lego Christmas tree to cheer up its inhabitants. Read More >>