12 Advent Calendars Featuring Something Other Than Chocolate

Christmas is coming, but before then we have another big event to look forward to. Not Black Friday, though we can all appreciate some money-saving bargains, I'm actually talking about Advent. You know the holiday that nobody except the most devout Christians would know about if it didn't involve cardboard boxes full of cheap chocolate pieces. But, chocolate advent calendars are pretty boring, especially when you're an adult. The chocolate is rubbish, and the pieces are so small you can't really appreciate them one square at a time. Read More >>

Greggs Gives Festive Bake Fans the Chance to Get Them Early

Greggs is upping the ante with a Christmas competition to let you get first dibs on its Festive Bake. Read More >>

Aldi is Supersizing Christmas With an Absolutely Huge Pig in a Blanket

The two-metre long sausage is apparently the longest pig in a blanket on supermarket shelves in the UK. And you can get your hands on it for just a fiver. Read More >>

This Year’s Limited Edition Christmas Lego Set is… a Big Ol’ Christmas Tree

Every year Lego releases a special Christmas set that you can only get if you spend a certain amount of money on its products, and in the past we've seen things like Nutcrackers, snow globes, Christmas present playsets, and so on. This year things are no different, and they're just as Christmassy, because the Christmas gift is set to be a big ol' Lego Christmas Tree. Read More >>

This Year’s Lego Christmas Set is a Gingerbread House

Every year Lego releases one big set in the Creator Expert line, designed to tie into the Christmas season. It's typical wintery village stuff, like train stations, town squares, and all that. This year's set is no different, because Lego has gone and made us a big ol' gingerbread house for everyone to build and enjoy. Read More >>

Tesco Adds Vegan Battered Brussel Sprouts to Its Chrismas Party Food Lineup This Year

Summer is drawing to a close, which means it's practically Halloween, and therefore, basically Christmas, and Tesco is prepping you for your festive feast with its Christmas menu. Read More >>

Black Friday Blamed for Ruining Christmas on the High Street

There's some good news and some bad news here from the Office for National Statistics. The good news is that we, as a nation, are really getting it together when it comes to doing our Christmas shopping in advance. The bad news is we're doing it really far in advance in November, on Black Friday, and are therefore contributing to the dramatic erosion of the high street retailers. Read More >>

There’s More to the Doom and Gloom Around Doctor Who’s New Year’s Day Ratings 

On Tuesday, Doctor Who returned for its sole outing in 2019 with “Resolution,” an all-in-all pretty cracking Dalek adventure. But you might instead have spent today reading about how it’s a disaster for the BBC, because overnight ratings are in, and they look pretty rough... but there’s more going on than certain headlines let on. Read More >>

Even Alexa Took Christmas Day Off

We might all take the day off on December the 25th, but we expect our smart tech to keep working. Apparently, Amazon's Alexa smart assistant took exception to our Ebenezer Scrooge attitude this year, and went on strike on Christmas Day. Read More >>

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Watch Penguins and Santa Clauses Battle In Classic Christmas Death Match

The holidays are all about celebrating life—yet there’s nothing more thrilling than watching this simulation of 11,000 penguins and 4,000 Santa Clauses fighting to the death. Read More >>

10 Weird Alternative World Christmas Traditions

Bored of eating raw poultry while your sister gets drunk and starts crying about perceived lifelong favouritism? Do Christmas like a jolly foreigner instead! Read More >>

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How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts

I know, I know. It sounds horribly ungrateful that anybody would even consider selling the Christmas presents that their friends and family painstakingly picked out for them, (probably) went through the effort of queuing in a crowded shop for, and spent their hard-earned money on. But the fact is most of us have already got enough crap in our lives. We don't need even more useless stuff cluttering our homes. We really appreciate cousin Fred's thoughts, but that Abba LP is never going to get played, and sorry Aunt Gertrude, those bright pink Crocs are never going to see light of day. Read More >>

How Long Before Your Christmas Presents Go Out Of Date?

One of my favourite things about the tech industry is just how brazenly it is contemptuous of consumers. And the best case in point is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas - which is the time of year when many of the biggest manufacturers will announce and show off their latest inventions. Why is this such an affront? Because of the scheduling - each year the show takes place at the very start of January, basically as soon as is practically possible after Christmas. Read More >>

The Real Story Behind the 1914 Christmas Truce in World War I

It was 101 years ago this Christmas season that something miraculous happened along the Western Front. After months of bitter fighting, soldiers on both sides gathered in no-man’s-land in a spontaneous show of peace and goodwill. Here’s what happened on that historic day — and why it marked the end of an era. Read More >>

Monopoly Tips From the UK’s Reigning Monopoly Champion

In a day or two many of you will be making a journey to visit your family for Christmas, because we all love being stuck in the same house as everyone we're related to. What people do together over Christmas varies from family to family, but board games are a pretty common activity - particularly Monopoly. Read More >>