You’d Better Start Panic-Buying Christmas Trees

A UK-based grower of a variety of tree that botanists refer to as the "Christmas tree" has warned shortages may be coming, as this year's bonkers spell of foreign hot weather that came over here to laugh at us has destroyed many of his trees. Or at least turned bits of them brown; so brown you might not even be able to cover the patches up with tinsel. Read More >>

Report: Amazon May Prey on Your Toys ‘R’ Us Catalogue Nostalgia By Mailing You Its Own

E-commerce giant Amazon, which remains determined to cannibalise what’s left of the brick-and-mortar competitors it helped kill off, may be making a move on the turf formerly occupied by bankrupt retail chain Toys “R” Us with plans to distribute a holiday toy catalogue. Read More >>

Poundland’s Sexist Christmas Elf Ads Get Retrospective Ban

The Advertising Standards Authority has been exposed as a toothless advisory body with zero power to save us from the evils of marketing, as it's finally taken action on Poundland's bizarre rampant sexist Christmas elf social media campaign -- in February. Read More >>

Data Reveals We Were Already Getting Sick Of Christmas By December 28th

You’ve probably already forgotten about it but about three weeks ago it was Christmas Day. You remember Christmas, right? It’s that day that is hyped up endlessly and then once it arrives is ultimately disappointing and quickly forgotten - a bit like Britain’s 2011 referendum on switching to the Alternative Voting system. Read More >>

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Brat Meets Christmas Serial Killer in This Gruesomely Funny Riff on Home Alone

April, the tiny star of Arthur Metcalf’s horror short He’s Watching, is an A+ hellraiser. When her parents foolishly leave her home alone, all kinds of mayhem, destruction, and cheese pizza-consumption ensues... some of it involving an axe-wielding intruder that April doesn’t seem to notice. Or does she? Read More >>

The Monster Mash Guy Rushed Out a Christmas Version of the Song in 1962 and It’s Super Weird

Every year around Halloween, you can’t turn on the radio without hearing the novelty song “Monster Mash.” Released by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers in August 1962, it was such an instant hit that Pickett rushed out a Christmas version of the song called “Monsters’ Holiday” by December of that same year. Read More >>

Have Yourself a Meaty 17th Century Mince Pie

Yes, it's not a myth or old people telling lies for personal gain -- they really did make mince pies with real meat in them in the olden days. Maybe we can start doing it again when we're free from meddlesome EU food hygiene guidelines? Read More >>

Tolkien’s Santa Fan Fiction Goes on Display

As well as pretending to be a dwarf and a few warriors, author JRR Tolkien spent a fair bit of his down time imaging a fictional universe based around Santa Claus for the benefit of his children. Read More >>

Give People Bitcoin This Christmas, the Gift That’ll Stress Them 24/7

A couple of entrepreneurs, drinking loads of coffee while trying to think of a way to make themselves rich out of Bitcoin, have had an idea. They're selling Bitcoin gift tokens you can give people for Christmas, then sit back and watch their facial expressions rise and fall in line with the value of the recently invented approximation of money. Read More >>

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How to Build a Tiny TV Ornament That Plays Classic ’90s Commercials

Despite what all the holiday specials try to tell you, it’s pointless to pretend that Christmas has become anything other than commercialism’s annual time to shine. So why not just embrace the spirit of spending completely, and build yourself a tiny working television Christmas tree ornament that streams ‘90s commercials from YouTube? Read More >>

The Real Story Behind the 1914 Christmas Truce in World War I

It was 101 years ago this Christmas season that something miraculous happened along the Western Front. After months of bitter fighting, soldiers on both sides gathered in no-man’s-land in a spontaneous show of peace and goodwill. Here’s what happened on that historic day — and why it marked the end of an era. Read More >>

Giz Investigates: Why ‘Die Hard’ is Definitely a Christmas Movie, And Why ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is Definitely Not

It's a debate that has raged on for years. Is Die Hard really a Christmas movie? Some people adamantly claim that it is not, possibly because they don't actually like Die Hard, while others will refuse to accept that John McClane's premiere adventure is anything but a Christmas-themed action movie. Read More >>

The GizUK Xmas Index: Things Are Getting Pretty Damn Christmassy

A few weeks ago now Gizmodo UK launched what we have dubbed “The Christmas Index” - a statistically rigorous way of measuring Christmas spirit: Using some clever data wizardry, we’re measuring the onslaught of sleigh bells and chestnuts roasting on an open fire by using Spotify listening data as a proxy for how Christmassy everyone is feeling. Read More >>

Gifts for Your Soon-to-Be Ex 

As you sit around the fire, your arm lifelessly draped around the person you know you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with but who you misguidedly bought a roundtrip ticket to your parents house for Christmas, consider a painfully mediocre gift. Something that says, “I heard you repeatedly hint that you wanted that cool leather jacket, but here, have a nice pullover I bought at the airport.” Read More >>

US Police Use Laptop Box as Bait to Catch Christmas Delivery Thief

A man in the US accused of snatching packages from porches chose the wrong house this weekend. Police pulled over 36-year-old Minnesota resident Raymond Montel Hester around 4:15am on Saturday and found a stolen laptop package. How did they know it was stolen? Police put a GPS device in the delivery box and tracked down the guy as soon as it started moving. Read More >>