The Best Christmas Film of All Time is Being Turned Into a Must-Have Children’s Book

It’s unfortunate that Die Hard, the best Christmas movie of all time, isn’t really a film you can watch with your kids. But this year, instead of suffering through Elf once again, you can spend some quality time with your PG-rated family members by reading a new holiday children’s book based on the adventures of John McClane. Read More >>

Midwives Beg Nation to Stop Having Sex at Christmas

A midwife's plea to the people of the UK has gone viral, after she vented on the tricky subject of loads of babies being born in September following drunken Christmas intercourse the previous year. Read More >>

Mariah Carey’s Christmas Classic is Being Turned into a Film

Hollywood has found a new source of material to make terrible films out of -- songs. In particular, someone has approved the bonkers idea that is turning Mariah Carey's only-good-thing-about-Christmas song All I Want For Christmas Is You into a computer animated blockbuster. Read More >>

Now It’s All Over, Share Your Christmas Horror Stories

Aaaaaaand, breathe. It's over, for another year at least. The turkey leftovers have been gobbled up as sandwiches, the misguided presents re-boxed and receipted ready to be exchanged, the TV re-runs and farts all cleared up. Christmas 2016 is over. How was it for you? Read More >>

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How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts

I know, I know. It sounds horribly ungrateful that anybody would even consider selling the Christmas presents that their friends and family painstakingly picked out for them, (probably) went through the effort of queuing in a crowded shop for, and spent their hard-earned money on. But the fact is most of us have already got enough crap in our lives. We don't need even more useless stuff cluttering our homes. We really appreciate cousin Fred's thoughts, but that Abba LP is never going to get played, and sorry Aunt Gertrude, those bright pink Crocs are never going to see light of day. Read More >>

10 Weird Alternative World Christmas Traditions

Bored of eating raw poultry while your sister gets drunk and starts crying about perceived lifelong favouritism? Do Christmas like a jolly foreigner instead! Read More >>

20 Christmas Facts You Probably Never Knew

Merry Christmas trivia fans! You've likely come across Yuletide Christmas facts round-ups that are pretty dire affairs, filled with one-sentence pieces of information that raise more questions than they answer, or just blindly fuel a myth (illegal mince pies! ha! you'll see). That's no fun and might make you sound silly down the pub. Read More >>

The Real Story Behind the 1914 Christmas Truce in World War I

It was 101 years ago this Christmas season that something miraculous happened along the Western Front. After months of bitter fighting, soldiers on both sides gathered in no-man’s-land in a spontaneous show of peace and goodwill. Here’s what happened on that historic day — and why it marked the end of an era. Read More >>

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The Giz Guide to Avoiding Grandma’s Racism This Christmas

Christmas is one of thew few times where the entire family gets together in one place, unable to get out of each others' hair for at least three days because everything shuts down. In all likelihood you're going to be spending a lot of time around your relatives, and some of them might be of the elderly persuasion. Read More >>

The Surprising Reason Cardiac Deaths Spike Around Christmas

Merry Christmas! Heart-related deaths spike right around the holiday season. And a happy New Year! Read More >>

This Gingerbread Apple II Computer Is Perfectly Edible Inside and Out

If you’re looking for a quick hit of internet fame around Christmas, consider baking up some gingerbread and making anything but a house. So far we’ve seen crashed Enterprises and Death Stars, but a gingerbread Apple II computer, complete with edible circuitboards inside, easily wins Christmas this year. Read More >>

The Giz UK Christmas Hub: Gifts, Facts, Food and Fun

The Christmas period is nearly at an end, with only a couple of days until turkey and presents day. We here at Giz UK have gone into the festive season in full swing, with a selection of gift guides and seasonal content to help you prep for the big day. Here in our Christmas hub you'll fine everything we've done in one convenient, easy-to-read list. Read More >>

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How to Survive a Solo Crimbo: A Grumpy Guide to Get You Through Christmas Day

“It’ll be lonely this Christmas, without you to hold. It'll be lonely this Christmas, lonely and cold. It'll be cold, so cold, without you to hold this Christmas.” Read More >>

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The Best Episode of The Grand Tour is Amazon’s Christmas Freebie

Amazon has got into the Christmas spirit by making the opening episode of The Grand Tour free to watch for everyone in the UK, but only temporarily. Here it is. Read More >>

The World’s Smallest Snowman is So Cute

Look at this cute little snowman! I bet he won’t even melt and make me cry like the snowman from Jack Frost does. Read More >>