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In This Doctor Who Exclusive, One of the 9th Doctor’s Earliest Mysteries is Investigated

Way back in the very first episode of Doctor Whos revival, alien conspiracy theorist Clive showed Rose Tyler a series of cryptic images – a mysterious man, never ageing, but present at all sorts of historic events, from the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa to the Kennedy assassination. Now, a new Big Finish story hopes to tell the tale behind one of those pictures. Read More >>

Christopher Eccleston Regrets Leaving Doctor Who So Quickly

When Christopher Eccleston stepped into the role of the Ninth Doctor in the 2005 series relaunch, it promised a big and bright future for Doctor Who. Sadly, Eccleston regenerated into David Tennant after just one series. It looks like he didn’t fully want to, but felt he had to. Read More >>