How to Reset All of Your Browsers Back to Square One

Like an operating system reinstall, resetting your web browser can fix all kinds of problems and improve performance at the same time—squash annoying bugs, clear out dodgy and outdated extensions and get a browser that’s good as new with a hard reset. Here’s how to carry it out on all the major browsers. Read More >>

Google Takes Aim at Abusive Ads With Chrome 71

Google is rolling out Chrome 71 today and with it, you can apparently expect to kiss abusive ads from “persistently offending sites” goodbye. The latest version of Chrome will also include billing warning screens to help prevent unwanted charges and subscriptions. Read More >>

Google Chrome Will Soon Nuke Ads On Extra-Shitty Websites

Google’s Chrome browser is making further changes to eliminate annoying or malicious ad practices and punish the bottom lines of sites that use them. Read More >>

Google Now Says It Will Update Chrome to Let Users Opt-Out of Forced Auto-Logins

Earlier this week, controversy arose around the latest release of Google’s Chrome web browser because it’s far too easy for users to be forced to log in without realising they’re doing it. Google now says it’ll be making some changes to solve the problem. Read More >>

Why I Can’t Quit Chrome

Google Chrome was released to the world 10 years ago today. I’ve been using the browser since it launched on OS X in 2009, and let me tell you what, I feel trapped now. This power-hogging, data-gobbling piece of software is where I spend most of my days, although not necessarily because I want it this way. As hard as I’ve tried, I just can’t quit Chrome. Read More >>

You Can Shout ‘ENHANCE!’ Like a TV Detective With This Voice-Controlled Browser Game

Half the fun of watching CSI years ago was the over-the-top crime scene technology that detectives had at their disposal. Their impossibly-capable photo-processing software could turn a handful of pixels into a poster-sized print. It was equal parts ridiculous and hilarious, which is probably why this voice-controlled, image-enhancing browser game is so much fun. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the Plan to Kill Internet Passwords

Passwords just don’t work all that well for our modern-day websites and web apps: They’re insecure, they’re hard to remember, and they’re a lot of hassle to manage for only the basic account protection that they provide. Now Chrome and Firefox are leading the charge to kill off passwords on the web for good. Read More >>

This Creepy Chrome Extension Pauses YouTube for You When You Look Away

Ever wish your computer would stare back at you while you hunt for that one good SNL skit on YouTube? If “yes” is your answer, do I have the tool for you. Read More >>

Google Declares Victory for HTTPS in Chrome 69 [Nice]

For a long time, Google and other web-minded businesses like Mozilla have been pushing HTTPS as a way to address the shortcomings and security flaws inherent in HTTP. And if Google’s reports are any indication, it seems to be working based on data claiming that over 82 percent of Chrome pages in the US are loaded over HTTPS. Read More >>

Signal’s Disappearing Messages Have a Huge Flaw on Macs

A bevy of secure messaging options exist to serve the needs of whistleblowers, journalists, and those wanting greater privacy in general, and among them Signal has become one of the most trusted. It even comes baked in with “disappearing” messages that users can set to self-destruct anywhere from five seconds to one week after they’re checked. Read More >>

Chrome Is Changing How It Mutes Autoplaying Videos — Again

Google’s quest to kill autoplay videos with sound has been a confusing ride over the last year. But last month, Chrome finally went all the way and started muting autoplaying videos on sites by default. Now, Google is changing the way its mute system works... again. Read More >>

Here’s What Those New Full-Page Warnings in Chrome Mean

Starting today, Google Chrome users will encounter a full-page warning whenever visiting a website whose SSL certificate is not registered with a public certificate log. Read More >>

Microsoft Protects Users From Phishing Scams With a Windows Defender Chrome Extension

Phishing scams are pretty dastardly things, and supremely irritating. It's got to the point now where you can't ever trust a link in your inbox, even if everything looks legit. Even GMail's spam filters can't differentiate between scams and genuine emails from Amazon about stuff I've actually ordered. What's more plenty of people still fall for them, which is one of the reasons why Microsoft has gone and released a Windows Defender extension for Chrome. Read More >>

Google Boots Fake Ad Blockers From Chrome Web Store

A researcher with AdGuard discovered five fake ad-blocking extensions in the Chrome Web Store that used hidden scripts to manipulate users’ browsers. The good news is, after AdGuard published the report, the Chrome team removed all five of the extensions from its store. Read More >>