Chromecast is Bumming Me Out

Google quietly released a new Chromecast device at its big event this week. And by quietly, I mean the company didn’t mention it at all. It was just sitting in the bottom of the bag that someone gave me when I left the venue. But hey, it’s new and it’s nice-looking. It’s just a bummer Google still hasn’t made Chromecast more useful. Read More >>

Google Finally Dishes the Dirt on the New Chromecast

We knew there was a new Chromecast coming, complete with some sort of revamped design, but for some reason Google chose to ignore it during last night's big launch event. But now that's over we finally have some solid details, beyond 'its got a different logo in the middle'. Unfortunately it's not that impressive. Read More >>

Now a UK Retailer Has Outed the New Chromecast

We're less than two hours away from Google's big Pixel launch event, dubbed #MadeByGoogle because everything in 2018 has to be marked with some sort of hashtag. But, despite this, Google's sieve-like product security still has some treats for us. This time it's British retailer Very who have put the new Chromecast on sale a few hours too early. Read More >>

Looks Like Google’s Releasing a ‘Smart TV Kit’ Bundle, with Chromecast and Google Home Mini

There's been a lot going on with Google's upcoming Pixel launch event, with leaks spilling out and revealing all the new and updated devices we should expect to see. Another one has just revealed itself, in the form of a 'Smart TV Kit'. The contents are nothing new, but it's interesting to see how Google attempts to further integrate its products into the smart home ecosystem. Read More >>

Retailer Accidentally Confirms New Chromecast by Selling it Too Early

We've still got just over a week to go before Google's big launch day, where it's expected to announce a whole slew of products - products that include the Pixel 3, Pixel Stand, Home Hub smart display, and so on. There have been plenty of leaks over the past couple of months, and Google's luck hasn't picked up anytime soon, because US retailer Best Buy accidentally confirmed there'd be a third-generation Chromecast by putting it on sale early. Read More >>

What to Expect at Google I/O 2018 

Google’s big once-a-year developer conference kicks off Tuesday May 8. While much of Google I/O is meant to support coders and the people who create apps and software for Google’s various platforms, what gets announced at the event will impact anyone who uses Android, Chrome OS, Wear OS, or any of Google’s many first-party apps—so basically everyone. Here are the big announcements we’re expecting to see (and a few things we won’t) at Google I/O 2018. Read More >>

7 Chromecast Apps and Games You Aren’t Using But Should Be

The Chromecast—that’s a dongle for getting movies and shows and maybe a bit of music up on your big screen, right? Well, yes, but there’s much more you can do with your Chromecast. All kinds of apps and games can benefit from the extra screen space—not just Plex and Netflix. Read More >>

Did the US Communications Commission Just Reveal Google’s Next Streaming Dongle?

Google’s Chromecast devices are handy (and cheap) little dongles for anyone who wants to add streaming functionality to their TV. But since the Chromecast Ultra came out in the fall of 2016, there haven’t been any new Google-branded additions to the family. Read More >>

VLC for Android *Finally* Gets Some Form of Chromecast Support

Chromecast was a big deal when it arrived four and a half years ago, since it meant you could smarten up you TV on the cheap using your phone, tablet, or PC. Nowadays it's not so special, but it's finally getting one feature it's been lacking all these years: support from VLC. Read More >>

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How to Use Your Chromecast in a Hotel Room

Google’s Chromecast is one of the most useful streaming dongles ever invented—but its functionality falls down as soon as your internet access is restricted or just not available at all. Getting a Chromecast working in a hotel room isn’t easy, but it is possible. These are the tricks you can try. Read More >>

Google’s New 4K Chromecast Ultra Is Incredibly Fast

Google has sold more than 30 million Chromecasts for the simple reason that it’s a super easy, super cheap way to get the stuff yon your computer beamed across to your TV. Now it’s getting an upgrade for the TVs of tomorrow. Read More >>

The Best Set-Top Box for All Your Binge-Watching Needs

Unless you’ve got a Roku TV or one of the latest premium sets from Samsung or Sony, there’s a good chance you need to invest in a set-top box. Unlike the software built into many “smart” TVs, a set-top box is easy to use. The software and apps are all specifically designed to be operated from the sofa, the remote is typically dead simple, and the array of viewing choices are much broader than what you find built into your six-year-old 720p set. Read More >>

Google Chrome Now Has Built-In Cast Support

Google's Chrome browser has always had the option of casting what's on your screen over to Chromecast, but you needed a browser extension to make it happen. Google has now revealed that Chrome version 51 (rolling out now on desktops) will have the feature built-in. Read More >>

The Best Multiroom Wireless Speaker System to Fill Your Home With Music

We’ve spent hundreds of hours over several months using six multiroom wireless speaker systems in every possible room (and even outside) to find the best multiroom wireless speaker system. Though new competition is better than ever, Sonos is still the best for most people. If you want something cheaper, Google Chromecast Audio does a decent job, but you’ll need to provide your own speakers. Read More >>

Google Home is a Voice-Activated Google Search Smart Hub

Sorry Amazon, Echo's got company. At it's 2016 Google I/O conference, Google showed off the Chromecast team's latest gadget – Google Home, a voice activated smart hub that can do, well, basically anything Google wants it to. Read More >>