Syfy’s Chucky Series Is Officially on the Way

Last year, we got news that, aside from the Child’s Play reboot, another updated take on the Chucky mythos might be on the way. And this weekend, at the Television Critics’ Association winter press tour, it was confirmed. Make room in your heart for more haunted puppet shenanigans, ‘cause Chucky’s back. Read More >>

The Real Reason Chucky is a Robot Now

The first trailer for the reboot of Child’s Play came with a surprise. The original was about a serial killer who possessed a doll and killed a bunch of people. Now, Chucky’s a smart toy who finds autonomy... and then kills a bunch of people. It seemed odd for a reboot to change the premise of its own story this much but it actually makes perfect sense. Read More >>

Child’s Play Nabs Mark Hamill to Voice Chucky

Chucky is a chaotic legend, and to really sell the new Child’s Play, the film’s creators had better shell out for a great voice a—Oh, they got Mark Hamill? They got Mark Hamill. Read More >>

Chucky Goes From Creepy Doll to Way Creepier Doll in This Animated History

A doll that’s actually a serial killer? That’s creepy. A doll that is actually a serial killer and cannot possibly under any circumstances be killed, for seemingly no reason but franchise inertia? Well, that’s sillier, but it’s also maybe even scarier. No force is more powerful in horror than the call of the sequel, after all. Read More >>