4% of the UK’s Population is Drinking a Third of all Alcohol Sold

During a parliamentary debate on alcohol prices yesterday, a director at Public Health England (PHE) stated that 4.4 percent of the population is consuming over 30 percent of the country's available alcohol. Read More >>

Brexit Has Now Ruined Beer As Well

In its relentless campaign to make us realise what a bad idea it was to back out of the EU, Brexit has now resulted in Tesco scrapping no less than 31 beer and cider brands because of Leave-prompted price hikes. Read More >>

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This Mobile Cider Maker Bottles Juice Right There in the Orchard

Canadian orchards face an enviable problem: they're over-productive, resulting in heaps of apples, pears and cherries left to rot each season because it's simply too expensive to transport, store, and process them. But that's where this mobile cider mill comes in. Read More >>

Miserable Winter May Trigger UK “Cider Drought”

Get the pints queued up, as there might be a run on that nice kind of apple juice that's so easy to glug down. The National Association of Cider Makers suggests brewers may struggle to find enough apples this year, after the wet winter over saturated many of the apple trees used to create the brew. Read More >>

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How to Make Your Own Cider

Real Cider is a tremendously satisfying drink -- quintessentially English, beautifully refreshing. The methods of production -- on the smaller scale, at least -- really haven't changed that much over the centuries, and making your own offers an inventive glimpse into a fascinating part of our rural food culture. Read More >>

What If Buying Cider Was Like Buying an Apple Product?

Somersby Cider has created a cheeky commercial that pokes fun of Apple product launches by imagining a world where buying cider is like getting a new iPhone. The Genius Bar would be a real bar and workers would talk about how many cores inside the apple, how many pits and how to use the "in to face" and dock the glass of cider. Read More >>