Hellboy’s Blood-Soaked Horns Are Too Dull to Leave Much of an Impression

In the months leading up to Hellboy’s release, much noise was made about how much comic creator Mike Mignola (who co-wrote the film with Andrew Cosby) didn’t want the movie to be an origin story that retread ground Guillermo del Toro staked out in his Hellboy movies. But that seems to have been almost all but lip service because unfortunately, that’s basically what the new Hellboy is. Read More >>

Cinema Shows Horror Trailers Before Peppa Pig

Hooray! It's the time of year when a cinema plays entirely the wrong trailers before a child's film! This year, the randomly-chosen cinema was the Empire Cinema in Ipswich, which accidentally played out trailers for psychological horror Ma and apparently grown up superhero film Brightburn before scheduled feature... Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun. Read More >>

Cineworld’s 4DX isn’t for Everyone, But it Can Make a Film More Like a Rollercoaster

These days it seems as though cinemas will do anything to try and get you through the front door and into a seat to watch a film. Most of them are financial incentives, with things like two-for-one ticket offers, unlimited access subscriptions, or making all their tickets as cheap as humanly possible. Presumably the logic is that once you're there you're more likely to spend money on the overpriced snacks and drinks. Cineworld's 4DX takes things in a different direction, though, and I got to check it out while watching DC's latest release, Shazam!. Read More >>

star trek
The Deep Space Nine Anniversary Documentary is Hitting Cinemas for One Day Only

That’s the good news. The great news? It’s happening a whole lot sooner than you’d expect. Well, in the US at least. Read More >>

New Godzilla: King of the Monsters Footage Invites Us to Bask in the Beauty of Kaiju Calamity

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and the end times have never looked so good. Read More >>

Dumbo is a No Go

Well, at least the elephant is cute.

Is it OK That Film Trailers Deliberately Mislead Us?

I’ll begin with a confession that will shake you to your very foundations: I didn’t think much of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. There, I said it. It’s not that I didn’t want to like it. I’m a fan of the franchise and I’m a fan of Jeff Goldblum’s character, Dr Ian Malcolm, in particular. So when I watched the trailer and I heard him utter the iconic line “Life… finds a way”, I knew I’d watch the film. Read More >>

Leeds is Getting a Dolby Cinema of its Own

As usual, the first one went to London, but lovely Leeds is next in line for the futuristic Dolby Cinema. Read More >>

Visual Effects Expert Howard Jones on Early Man and the Future of Animation

Last January, Early Man was the latest release in a string of movies produced by stop motion powerhouse Aardman Animations. Also known as Aardman, the studio is the creative force behind popular animated films Chicken Run, Flushed Away and the Wallace and Gromit franchise. Read More >>

Dune is Coming to Spice Up Winter 2020

With seemingly every actor in Hollywood lining up to be in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, it makes sense Warner Bros. would finally line up a release date. And so it has. Read More >>

Tommy Wiseau’s Sharknado Rip-Off Shows That Even He’s Giving Up on Originality

If there's only one good thing to be said about Tommy Wiseau – and there might be – it's that he has a real eye for an admirably clear movie title. His magnum opus of cinematic failure, The Room, features events taking place almost entirely within, well, a room. If he had made Blade Runner, it would probably have been called The Cop Who May Or May Not Be a Robot and his version of Titanic would have gone by the more explicit title of The Big Boat That Sank. Read More >>

Streaming Subscriptions Will Overtake Cinema Revenue In 2019

It's finally going to happen: money made from streaming services worldwide will soon be higher than cinema takings for the first time, says a new report from media analysts Ampere. Read More >>

The Meg Is Dumb, But It Knows It’s Dumb, and That’s Why It’s Great

Though they are complete tonal opposites, The Meg feels like an unlikely and very unconventional love letter to Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. It’s as if the film’s writers sat down to watch that 1975 masterpiece and just kept asking “What if?” What if the shark really ate people off the beach? What if the heroes could fight the shark underwater? What if they actually did get a bigger boat? Read More >>

How the Director of Hereditary Made This Year’s Scariest Movie

When you see Hereditary, chances are the creepy horror movie will stay under your skin for some time, despite any effort to scrub or claw it away. That’s exactly the way writer/director Ari Aster wants you to feel. Read More >>

The First Deadpool 2 Reactions Are Here… and They’re Appropriately Offbeat

Deadpool 2 began screening for press today, and everyone who’s seen it wants to talk about one thing: the post-credits scene. Read More >>