Checking Your Phone at Night Won’t Necessarily Throw Off Your Internal Clock, Mouse Study Finds

People who only occasionally fall down an internet rabbit hole on their smartphones late at night might be able to rest easier – at least according to the results of a new study in mice. Researchers found that short bursts of light exposure at night won’t necessarily disrupt your internal clock, including sleep habits. Read More >>

Why Are You Always Staying Up Past Your Bedtime?

The consequences of not getting enough sleep are evident to all of us—and yet we’re constantly staying up later than what our internal biological clocks are telling us. A new study shows the elusive nature of what’s to blame. Read More >>

How Your Genes Influence Whether You’re a Morning Person

A DNA analysis of nearly 90,000 23andme customers suggests our preference for early mornings may be rooted in our genes. The study also suggests that night owls are at greater risk of depression and other health issues. But those findings come with a couple of caveats. Read More >>