Staffordshire Lion Tamer Banned From Publicly Taming His Lions

Thomas Chipperfield, a man with a famous old name who's the UK's last surviving lion tamer, has effectively been banned from practising his arts in England. Read More >>

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Motorcyclist Clotheslined 25-Feet In the Air; Falls Hard

A circus performance ended abruptly when a motorcycle jump went horribly wrong and the rider hit a wire at the apex of his jump. Read More >>

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Watch Bugs Unbelievably Charge a Smartphone

This ad by Qualcomm is more impressive and less gross than I thought it would be — it uses bugs on miniature circus equipment to charge an Android phone with a Snapdragon processor. I'm guessing it's an attempt to show off how low-powered the Snapdragon processor can be? Whatever, complex bugs are cool. [Bug Circus Generator via Laughing Squid] Read More >>