Cardiff Might Have a Nice Bit Soon

Welsh planners have approved a massive enhancement of the fringes of Cardiff, with a plan to build nearly 6,000 new homes given the go-ahead. Read More >>

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Rio’s Olympic Venues Look Like Hell Just Six Months After the Games

The Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics were never going to go well. Thanks to decades of inequality and urban decay, the city always seemed ill-prepared to host athletes and fans from around the world. So it should come as no surprise that just six months after the games, the very expensive and sparkly venues built for the occasion already look rotten. Read More >>

Why Cities Are Where They Are in the World

Have you ever wondered why the world’s largest cities sprout up where they sprout up? It has a lot to do with water, natural resources, history, and being in the northern hemisphere. Read More >>

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Teleport All Over Tokyo on This Super Fun Bike Ride

There’s no crazier playground in the world than Tokyo, and there’s no better form of transportation than teleportation. So watching BMX rider Nigel Sylvester zap himself around all the wild, weird, and fun of Tokyo through clever video editing is a helluva trip. Read More >>

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Why We Should Build Our Cities Upwards, Not Outwards

Why should we build taller cities? Because cities with taller buildings are cool as hell. Read More >>

Ridiculously Large Sinkhole Gobbles Up Five-Lane Road in Southern Japanese City

Residents of the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka had a rather rude awakening this morning when a gigantic sinkhole formed near the JK Hakata train station. Local officials are now desperately working to prevent the collapse of nearby buildings. Read More >>

Why Are American Cities So Much Different Than European Cities?

European cities like Paris are much, much older than American cities like New York, and that age difference has led to many interesting differences in the layout of each city. For example, the wealthy population of America often live in suburbs away from the city while in Europe, the rich live inside the city. Why is that? Read More >>

London Buses Cruise Along at Walking Speed in the City’s Busiest Streets

A survey looking at congestion across the UK has found that car drivers and public transport users are spending longer than ever sitting in traffic, with surface-level commuters in London enduring 40 per cent more time stuck in traffic today than they did back in 2012. Read More >>

4.7 Metres Lopped off Planned London Skyscraper to Protect Aeroplanes

A tower that wanted to be the tallest in the City of London and the second tallest in all of Europe has been told to bend down a bit and stop showing off, with authorities demanding its architects take nearly five metres off the top of the thing to make it safer for air traffic coming into East London's City airport. Read More >>

Dangerous Lorries Could be Banned from London to Protect Cyclists

London's mayor is spearheading a plan to boot some of the less well designed HGVs out of London, launching an idea that will see lorries checked for safety -- and the most dangerous models with poor driver visibility banned from the city by 2020. Read More >>

Man Wanted Over NYC Bombing Identified in Citywide Phone Alert

People all over the New York area were awoken this morning by the alert above, which seeks information about Ahmad Khan Rahami, a person of interest in the bombings in New York and New Jersey over the weekend. Read More >>

Three Pipe Bombs Found in New Jersey Train Station

On Saturday, a pipe bomb exploded in Chelsea, New York, injuring 29 people. Late Sunday night, authorities reportedly found three pipe bombs and two “smaller devices” at a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey, after two men discovered them in a rubbish bin. Read More >>

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Seeing New York City in Ridiculous 8K Is Pretty Sweet

I love New York City. I live here, so I’m biased. You might hate New York, think it sucks, that it’s dirty, and think people who live in New York talk about New York way too damn much. That’s fine. You’re actually more right than you know. Read More >>

Why Do Trains in America Suck So Badly? 

Trains in america are awful. They’re slow, expensive, and not very reliable. And there are a few, largely unsolvable reasons why that’s the case. Read More >>

Five Years on From the English Riots, We Still Don’t Know Why the Violence Spread

Five years ago, riots broke out in cities across England; civilians looted shops, started fires and were involved in clashes with armed police, which resulted in hundreds of injuriesthousands of arrests and millions of pounds' worth of damage. Read More >>