Citymapper Has Gone From Telling You What Bus To Get To Providing One

The CM2 is Citymapper first attempt at running a bus service. It's called "Night Rider" and it will operate a small East London route from the end of August this year. The route is designed to fill in a gap the company had spotted from the use of its mapping app and will run from Aldgate East Station and Highbury & Islington Station. It's for hipsters in case you haven't guessed. Read More >>

Citymapper Is Trialling a Smart Bus Service in London

Say what you like about London, you have to admit that the public transport infrastructure is pretty decent (if a bit cramped). But it could always be better, and Citymapper (yes, the app) are working on creating smart vehicles to service a society that keeps adding 'smart' in front of things. Read More >>