Here’s What Causes Those Car-Swallowing Sinkholes to Form

Modern satellite technology lets us spot dangerous threats like extreme weather, giant icebergs, and even foreign militaries. But when it comes to sinkholes, all we can do is wait and hope that our cars won’t be swallowed by a sudden gaping chasm in a city street. So how do sinkholes form, and why is it so hard to predict where they’ll appear? Read More >>

This Brighton Erection is the World’s Most Slender Tower

You can keep your super-tall towers: How about the physical challenge of building the world’s most slender instead? That’s what engineers have done in Brighton, UK, with the i360 tower. Read More >>

We Finally Understand How Concrete Behaves at a Microscopic Level

In modern cities, there’s concrete at every turn. So it might surprise you to hear that, until now at least, we haven’t really understood how it works at the microscopic level—despite the fact we trust it to build huge structures. Read More >>

This Crazy Bridge in Japan Looks More Like a Terrifying Roller Coaster

If you look straight onto the Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan, the ridiculously steep incline makes it look more like a roller coaster than a road for cars to drive on. I mean, come on, would you want to drive on that road? It’s basically a motorway to outer space, a shortcut to vomiting from nausea. Read More >>

How a Secret Squad Saved London From Devastating Flooding During the Blitz

When bombs rained down on London during the Blitz, they fell on houses, on churches, and, less famously, on embankments along the River Thames. The damaged embankments could have sent devastating floods through London, but they didn't. That's all thanks to a group of engineers who worked secretly and at night. Read More >>