Clarkson Choppered in to Host Rebooted Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Plain-speaking man of the people Jeremy Clarkson is about to return to the regular kind of television that normal people have displayed at the wrong aspect ratio on non-smart Alba screens in their living rooms, with the touring Amazon star convincing his internet bosses to let him do a stint on ITV stalwart Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?. Read More >>

the grand tour
Well Played, The Grand Tour, You Got Me.

If you've been reading Giz UK for a while, you'll know that I have a bit of a hate-hate relationship with The Grand Tour, in that I hated it, and I hate myself. So every week for season one, I'd file a fair scathing review, because hey, inexplicably people enjoyed reading them. Read More >>

The Government’s Giving More Cash To Autonomous Cars, But Jeremy Clarkson Thinks They’re Bad

Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, is set to deliver the next government budget on Wednesday, and with it are plans to announce new incentives to encourage development of autonomous and electric cars within the UK. Read More >>

Chipping Norton Poshos Say No to Clarkson’s Tent of Banter

Residents of the Cotswolds town of Chipping Norton have come out against Jeremy Clarkson's vehicular circus, with plans to erect his Grand Tour marquee of middle-age not going down so well with the locals. Read More >>

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It Sounds Like Amazon’s Building Colossal Stone Statues of Clarkson, May and Hammond

You may have spotted a picture of a giant stone Jeremy Clarkson head strapped to the back of a truck in Washington State recently, and we now have a weird new update to the story. Read More >>

Jeremy Clarkson Would Love to Have Donald Trump on The Grand Tour

Earlier today, while plugging the new motoring social network Drive Tribe, Jeremy Clarkson revealed that he would like to have Donald Trump guest star on Amazon's The Grand Tour. Read More >>

The Grand Tour Review: Basically Top Gear With a Bigger Budget

It's been over 18 months since Jeremy Clarkson unceremoniously left the BBC, a company that had been employing him to spew out nonsense about cars for decades. It was the end of an era, especially since the BBC's attempts to revive Top Gear with new presenters was a horrific failure. Now, though, after a heavy marketing campaign, Amazon's The Grand Tour is here. Does that succeed where the show I not-so-lovingly call Reverse Gear failed? Let's find out. Read More >>

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Clarkson Swerves Top Gear Question While Racing May and Hammond on James Corden Show

Quite how James Corden manages to trick people into finding him entertaining is still beyond me, but the man destined to be in the running for the title of world’s most annoying human until the end of time is doing exceedingly well for himself, and brought the hosts of The Grand Tour together for a special Top Gear-like segment on his Late Late Show. Read More >>

Amazon Posts £9.99 Fire Stick Promo to Celebrate… New Clarkson Ad

Amazon’s launched a lip-smackingly tempting new offer on the Fire Stick, temporarily reducing it from £34.99 to £9.99. The catch? The deal’s only available to customers who sign up for 12 months of Prime (for £79) before 23:59 on September 20th. Read More >>

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The Grand Tour Starts on November 18th and There’s a New Trailer Too (With Actual Driving)

Not Top Gear finally has a launch date. Amazon has revealed that The Grand Tour will roar onto our screens on Friday November 18th. Read More >>

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The Latest Clip From The Grand Tour Shows Clarkson Being a PROPER LAD

Amazon’s bloody milking this. Its latest teaser for The Grand Tour has popped up on YouTube, showing Jeremy Clarkson on a boat, pumped up to the eyeballs on San Pellegrino, staggering around a bit and pretending to be Tom Hanks in Castaway. Read More >>

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Clarkson Talks God and Hangovers in New The Grand Tour Teaser

Another promotional clip for The Grand Tour has landed on YouTube, and we can’t really not post it here because of how much you guys clearly love Clarkson and cars. This one features all of the above, as well as generous helpings of God and hangovers. Read More >>

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The Grand Tour Clip Shows Clarkson and the Lads Haven’t Changed at All

Lock up your Range Rovers, because the boys are back in town. A short clip from the upcoming The Grand Tour has been posted to YouTube, and shows the BBC exactly what the latest season of Top Gear was missing. Read More >>

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The First Images From Clarkson’s The Grand Tour Don’t Show Much Car Action

With Mission: Get Rid of Chris Evans complete, it’s time for Jeremy Clarkson’s army of fans to turn its attention to The Grand Tour, which will be arriving on Amazon Prime pretty soon. Read More >>

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Chris Evans’ Top Gear Was a Bigger Global Hit Than Jeremy Clarkson’s

Sorry to sound the Top Gear klaxon again today, but the BBC has just made an announcement that nobody expected, revealing that the Chris Evans-fronted version of the show opened it up to a wider global audience than Jeremy Clarkson’s. Read More >>