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Watch an Artist Sculpt Wonderfully Wacky Sculptures

Meet Wilfrid Wood. He’s an artist who specialises in sculpting heads and figures that are never boring, because they go far beyond the safe and traditional look many of us are used to seeing. Wood’s sculptures are often wacky, definitely fun, and always wildly expressive, like he’s managed to capture a person’s very specific reaction and emotion and feeling in each piece. Read More >>

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This Short Stop-Motion Clay Animation is Fantastically Fluid

I’ve always thought that one of the appeals of stop-motion claymation was the imperfections in the animation, how things never quite moved as fluidly as real life. After watching this short from Guldies, I now realise that it’s because no one is a master of stop-motion claymation like he is. The animation is really simple—it’s just playing around with a ball of clay, after all—but the transitions are so seamless that it’s really impressive Read More >>

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Seeing How a Sumo Ring Gets Built is Truly Fascinating

Sumo is a sport that is steeped in tradition so it shouldn’t be a surprise that making the Dohyo, or sumo wrestling ring, is a painstaking process. It requires so many different tools, so many different people, and so many different methods. Read More >>

Man Investigated by Police After Tesco Sold Him a Clay iPad

Poor old Colin Marsh blew £470 on an iPad from Tesco as a treat for his two daughters, and was understandably disappointed when he got it home and discovered the box was filled with three lumps of clay instead. That's even less useful than a BlackBerry PlayBook. Read More >>