Amazon’s Sweeping Climate Plan Is Full of Gaping Holes

On Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he was committing the world’s largest online retailer to meeting the terms of what he christened “The Climate Pledge.” Broadly outlined, signing the pledge, which Bezos hopes others will do as well, commits a company to meeting the emission reduction targets set forth in the Paris Agreement a decade early – in other words, becoming carbon neutral by 2040 – and regularly reporting its own greenhouse gas output. Read More >>

nuclear power
UK Government Set to Fund Mini Nuclear Reactors in the North in an Effort to Meet 2050 Zero Emissions Target

In a bid to hit the UK's net zero emissions target by 2050, the government is investing £18m into clean energy in the form of mini nuclear reactors up north. Read More >>

Britain Just Went a Week Without Coal for the First Time in 137 Years

Coal may have helped birth the Industrial Revolution here in Britain, but we're working hard to leave it behind. And it just hit a big milestone: this marks the first time since 1882 (!) that we've run a week without coal. Read More >>

Trump’s Goons Now Forced to Say They Have No Idea Whether Wind Turbines Cause Cancer

Last night at a Republican fundraiser in DC, Donald Trump claimed that wind turbines cause cancer with the citation, “They say the noise causes cancer.” This may be because the president has a grudge against wind power because he thought it would spoil the view from one of his golf courses in Scotland or it might just be because he is a complete and total idiot, but it is a patently ridiculous claim that it would be more or less a total waste of our time to debunk. Read More >>

electric cars
Dyson, the Vacuum Cleaner Company, Wants to Make an Electric Car

Dyson has made a name for itself by inventing all sorts of new approaches to vacuuming your house, and it seems that the company is now looking to innovate in a whole new “clean” industry. On Tuesday, founder James Dyson announced that his company is making a major play in the electric car business. Read More >>

Satellite Captures a Surprising Impact of Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore wind power is taking off in Europe, but we’re still coming to grips with the environmental impacts of sticking gigantic steel towers in the sea. One impact of these clean energy behemoths, however, seems indisputable: sediment plumes. Read More >>

North America Is Set to Announce Its Most Ambitious Clean Energy Target Yet

he United States, Canada, and Mexico are poised to announce an ambitious new energy pledge that would see 50 per cent of North American electricity drawn from clean sources by 2025. Read More >>

The New NASA X-Plane Will Be Fully Electric

Last year, NASA casually announced its intention to disrupt the aviation industry by sticking fully electric commercial passenger planes in the sky in 20 years. In a small step toward that goal, space agency director Charles Bolden has just announced plans for the X-57, the first all-electric addition to the famous X-plane series. Read More >>

The Real Problem With Fusion Energy

The longstanding joke about fusion—that it’s the energy source of the future, and always will be—may be the field’s biggest problem. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Pilot Feels Awesome After a Full Day of Nonstop Flying

Most human beings would be in a black mood after spending 24 hours awake, strapped to a chair, and concentrating hard so as not to die. Not Bertrand Piccard. Gizmodo caught up the man currently flying the Solar Impulse 2 plane from Hawaii to San Francisco, and he sounded downright chipper. Read More >>

China’s Wind and Solar Energy Capacity Is Soaring

Smog-filled days may be a part of life in Beijing for now, but China is cutting coal and growing its wind and solar energy capacity fast, according to figures released yesterday by the country’s National Bureau of Statistics. Read More >>

future earth
Elon Musk is Probably Our Best Hope Yet For Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

As the leaders of 196 countries negotiate a carbon emissions goal for the planet to prevent an environmental apocalypse, the real work will fall to the companies that will need to deliver change to consumers. And, arguably, no single person is doing as much to help change our energy consumption as one Elon Musk – founder of PayPal, man behind SpaceX and revver of Tesla's engines. Read More >>