Dyson Teases Low-Rise, Camera-Enabled Project N223

Dyson's engineers are working on a new thing, and judging by the clues given out in its teaser video it may be planning to slowly trundle into Roomba's automated vacuuming world. Read More >>

Dyson’s Cinetic Does Away With Grim Clogged Filters

That Dyson fellow is still tinkering around with vacuum cleaners in his garage, today announcing the Dyson Cinetic -- a new model series that should ensure no clogged filters or loss of suck for the whole 10-year life of a cleaner. Read More >>

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Watch Dyson Try and Block-Up Its Vacuum With Everything From Shoelaces to Miles of Skanky Hair

A Dyson will suck up almost anything, including fire, but getting all tangled-up is the constant, dreaded nightmare of any cleaner. Watch engineers torture-test Dyson's fancy hair destroying tool, throwing anything and everything long and tangly they could find. Look at that sucker go. [YouTube] Read More >>

LED Broom Lamp Sweeps Away the Darkness of Your Home

If you're into unusual accent lighting, you're not going to find anything more unique than Pēteris Zilbers and Mārtiņš Straupe's Mood Broom, which illuminates a room with a strip of colour-changing LEDs running down the handle. Read More >>

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Dyson Puts Its Tiny Ball Tech Into Its Upright Cylinder Vacuums For Better Maneuverability

Grey-haired James Dyson can do one for all I care. Why? Because I just bought a new Dyson a couple of months ago, and then they come out with a new range of vacuums which they're calling their best yet. Hmpf. Still, I guess it beats a Henry Hoover. Read More >>