This Wondefully Simple to-do List Reminds You When You Have Things to Do

The wonderfully simple to-do list app for Mac and iOS, Clear, is getting reminders so that you can keep track of when you've got to do stuff—not just what you've got to do. Read More >>

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Analog Camera for iPhone: When Is Simple Actually Too Simple?

A little over a year ago, Realmac Software released Clear, an iOS to-do list app that made the task of keeping track of tasks easy with a beautifully simple design. Starting right now, you can check out the developer's crack at replicating that success-by-simplicity formula with a 69p camera app. Read More >>

Clear for Mac: The Best iPhone To-Do List Comes to Your Desktop

Released last spring, Clear is one of the slickest apps to be released for the iPhone this year. Now the beautiful, intuitive gesture UI that made it a hit on a touchscreen comes to your Mac. Read More >>

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How To Make the Perfect Ice Cube

Most of the world's ice cubes are cloudy, soft, and weak. These hazy rocks are less dense, and they melt faster, leaving your drink watered down and terrible. Plus, opaque ice is just ugly. Read More >>

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Clear App: Cross Chores Off Your To-Do List With a Swipe

The new Clear to-do list app takes a different approach from others in that it's not loaded with auxiliary features. Clear is quick, simple, intuitive, and perfect for busy people who need a list to juggle a million tasks a day. Read More >>