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The Most Beautiful Video About Google Docs You’ll Ever See?

Clickhole is The Onion’s piss-take on digital media. It recently uploaded this video titled Beautiful: Israelis and Palestinians Join The Same Google Doc. Read More >>

Clickhole Congratulates You on Your Terms of Service Speed-Reading

How many times have you clicked "Agree" to the thousands upon thousands of words in iTunes terms of service agreements after just a few seconds? Twenty times? Fifty? Man—that is some world class speed-reading. Read More >>

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Clickhole Skewers the Kids-React-to-Old-Tech Genre Perfectly

Present children with old tech and see how they react — it's an old trick we've seen YouTube'd to death. But just when you thought there was nothing left to squeeze out of it, the gag done got Clickholed. See kids react to a Boombox (with a recording of their parents fighting). Read More >>