Amazon Rides in to Save the High Street it Previously Destroyed in Series 2, Episode 6

Amazon has seen an opportunity for growth in the UK, seeing as rents are cheap out there on the high street beneath decaying signs that say things like "Maplin" and "BHS," and is backing the opening of 10 pop-up shops to test the public's appetite for carrying their new stuff home with them like in the old days. Read More >>

Half of People Will Click on Random Links

Researchers at Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany conducted a study that sent out 1,700 emails that simulated a phishing scam, and made an unfortunate discovery: around half of the participants, even ones that claimed to be aware of such security risks, clicked on the links. Read More >>

You’re Stupid and You Click on Adverts if They’re in a Different Shade of Blue

Google has managed to squeeze a magical extra £200m out of its internet advertising trade over recent years, not through forcing yet more ads out there onto the margins of the internet, but by simply changing the shade of blue used by default to illustrate its text link adverts. Read More >>

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Here’s What a Day’s Worth of Computer Clicks Looks Like

Click. Click. Click. It's hypnotic. Click. You don't realise how often you do it on your computer on a daily basis. Click. It's almost mindless when you're reading websites on the Internet. Click. And cycling through windows and apps and. Click. Selecting text. Click And listening to music. Click. It's just so easy to ignore and forget. Click. Do we really click that many times? Read More >>

Surprise! Porn Is More Popular In the UK Than Social Networks or Shopping

According to new figures, 8.5 per cent of all the UK's web clicks hit legal porn sites last month, the kind that the Great Firewall of Cameron is trying to block. That's more than people shopping, reading the news, stalking "friends" through social networks, or even business use. The UK obviously loves its smut. Read More >>