Just Who Do You Think Is the Enemy Here?

London has banned Extinction Rebellion protests, but that hasn’t deterred the climate activists from continuing their actions around the city. On Thursday, they shut down parts of the London Tube, climbing on train roofs and in some cases gluing themselves in place. Read More >>

Fighting Climate Change Is Key to Preventing Future Ebola Epidemics, Study Finds

A new study outlines the way climate change will impact the spread of Ebola, an extremely dangerous virus that killed more than 11,000 in West Africa a couple years ago. Another outbreak – the second-largest yet – has killed more than 2,000 in the Democratic Republic of Congo this year. As the world warms, these types of outbreaks could increase and move into parts of the world that haven’t historically experienced them, the new study finds. Read More >>

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UK Government Ramps up a Gear to Decrease Emissions in Transport Sector

In an effort to meet its net zero emissions target by 2050, the government is planning on cracking down on the transport sector. Read More >>

Toxic Algae Blooms Really Have Become More Intense, Study Finds

A new study out Monday seems to confirm an unpleasant reality: Potentially toxic algae blooms in the world’s freshwater lakes have become more intense over the last 30 years. And while climate change may not be the only reason why blooms have gotten worse, rising temperatures are likely making it harder for lakes to recover from them. Read More >>

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Climate Rage Is Working

On Monday, Reuters scored an exclusive interview with Ben van Beurden, the CEO of the Shell Oil Company. During the sit-down, he decried people demonising oil and said it’s “entirely legitimate to invest in oil and gas because the world demands it” and that “we have no choice” but to keep investing in dirty fossil fuel exploration. Read More >>

In Unprecedented Move, Met Police Ban Extinction Rebellion Climate Protests Throughout London

Protests by climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has continued to roil cities around the world, including London. And after shutting down parts of Central London, police banned the group from conducting protests anywhere in the city on Monday evening. The move comes after eight days of protests centred on Trafalgar Square resulted in more than 1,300 arrests across the city. Read More >>

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Report Finds Nearly Two-Third of America’s Birds Vulnerable to Extinction From Climate Change

A new report has found that nearly two-thirds of America’s breeding bird species were moderately to highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Read More >>

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Greta Thunberg Didn’t Win the Nobel Peace Prize. Good.

On Friday, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. He won for helping de-escalating long-simmering tensions with neighboring Eritrea. Read More >>

The Pixel 4 Has Been Leaked to Death, So Here’s Everything Else We Know About Made By Google 2019

After months of teases and leaks, there’s a lot we know about the Pixel 4. But the Pixel 4 isn’t the only thing we’re expecting to see at the upcoming Made By Google Event on Tuesday, October 15th at 3 p.m. BST Read More >>

Google Is Funding Climate Change Denialism

Despite all its evidently performative public-facing climate change initiatives, Google is forking over “substantial” contributions to denier organisations and events. Read More >>

Two Weeks After Amazon Made Its ‘Climate Pledge,’ It Joined Big Oil for Its ‘Accelerate Production 4.0’ Event

Just two weeks after Amazon pledged to radically reduce its company-wide carbon emissions, the head of its oil and gas web services subsidiary travelled to the US city of Houston, Texas, to participate in the oil industry’s “Accelerate Production 4.0” event. The event was part of a conference put on by Weatherford, a major oilfield services provider, and was billed as “the U.S. oil and gas industry’s only Production 4.0 forum.” Per Weatherford, its aim was “to discuss the role of digitalisation in the near and long-term future of oil and gas production.” Read More >>

Study: Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan Would Trigger Global Starvation

In addition to killing as many as 125 million people, a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would unleash mass starvation around the world due to the ensuing climate impacts, according to a disturbing new study. Read More >>

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The World Just Had Another Month of Record Heat

The summer of shocking global heat has continued into the autumn. New data released by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), the European Union’s climate agency, shows that last month tied for the hottest September on record. This adds to the stunning string of record or near-record heat the world has been dealing with since June and underscores the growing severity of the climate crisis. Read More >>

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Climate Change Memes for Angry and Terrified Teens

As the youngest person on Gizmodo’s staff, our writers and editors frequently come to me with questions like “What do The Youth want?” and “What is a VSCO girl?” This has put me in a strange position as teens have yeeted themselves to the forefront of climate activism. On the cusp between Millennial and Gen Z, I’m a climate journalist who is sometimes mistaken for a young protestor at events – despite clearly wearing a press badge. Read More >>

More Than Half of European Trees Found Only in Europe Face Extinction

A new assessment shows that more than half of the trees only found in Europe are at risk of extinction. Read More >>