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France’s Fuel Tax Disaster Shows We Can’t Save Earth by Screwing Over Poor People

France has turned into a bubbling cauldron of unrest over the past month as the so-called yellow vest movement has put up roadblocks and taken to the streets to protest a fuel tax. Last week’s protests turned violent and facing a crisis, the government of Emmanuel Macron decided today to drop the tax. However, there is much to be learned from the fiasco. Read More >>

Over 40 Percent of Worldwide Coal Plants Are Operating at a Loss, Study Says

A new report claims that more than 40 percent of the world’s coal power plants are operating at a loss. It’s a figure that will only climb with increased regulation and carbon pricing as well as increasingly cheaper renewables like wind and solar power. Read More >>

climate change
We’re Now Seriously Considering Geoengineering Coral Reefs to Save Them

Coral reefs are facing a crisis thanks to an ever-growing list of threats, from climate change to ocean acidification to pollution. In an effort to stem the rising tide of damage, the US National Academy of Sciences released a major report on Wednesday chronicling the high-tech interventions we might have to use to save coral. Read More >>

No, Scientists Didn’t Just Suggest We ‘Dim the Sun’ to Stop Climate Change

Reports last week of a new paper from researchers at Yale and Harvard proposing “sun-dimming” to mitigate climate change sure sounded alarming. Trouble is, those reports misconstrued the cited research, which made no suggestion that we actually engage in so-called solar geoengineering. Read More >>

Nearly 200 Dead Sea Turtles Have Washed Ashore at America’s Cape Cod in the Last Week

More than 200 sea turtles reportedly washed ashore in the past week on Cape Cod’s bayside beaches amid a cold spell that brought on unusually low temperatures in the area. Read More >>

Inside the Quest to Discover Super-Corals at the Bottom of the Sea

In the inky depths of the Gulf of Mexico, pearly white corals crisscross the seafloor, their translucent tentacles swaying to the current like flower petals on a midnight breeze. Lophelia pertusa brings life to what is often considered a cold, dead wasteland – and now, scientists are now bringing it back to the surface in the hopes that it help can restore dying coral reefs worldwide. Read More >>

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The Most Vulnerable Nations on Earth Are Holding the World’s First Virtual Climate Summit

For French President Emmanuel Macron to address delegates at this Thursday’s Climate Vulnerable Forum, he would have to hop an 8,510-mile plane ride from Paris to Majuro in the Marshall Islands. Roundtrip, that would put 7.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Read More >>

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Climate Change Is Going to Make Ragweed Allergies Even Worse, Study Finds

There’s no shortage of horrible things that will become more common in the near future due to climate change, like coastal flooding, extreme weather, and disease-causing ticks, to name a few. But new research published this month in PLOS-One adds another annoyance to the list: Allergy-causing ragweed. Read More >>

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Without Radical Innovation, Air Conditioning Is Set to Make Global Warming Much Worse

In the developing world, air conditioners indicate progress. More importantly, air conditioners can offer relief to people in hot countries like India, China, and Mexico. In a warmer world plagued by climate change, having an AC may literally be the difference between life and death. Read More >>

climate change
Watch 40 Years of Icebergs Breaking off Antarctica

Iceberg mania briefly overtook the internet last month when NASA captured a rectangular freakberg. But icebergs are with us all the time, and there’s a new animation to help you celebrate them in all shapes and sizes. Read More >>

Mining Bitcoin Can Be More of an Energy Drain Than Actual Mining

Cryptocurrency and precious metals share some similarities. Libertarians love them. Their values are social constructs. They’re mined. And accomplishing said mining takes a tonne of energy. Read More >>

Human Carbon Emissions Are Dissolving the Ocean Floor

It seems humanity isn’t just content to screw up the surface of the planet. We’re going to do the deep ocean, too. Read More >>

The Amazon Rainforest Faces ‘Genocide’ Under Brazil’s New Far-Right President

It is not hyperbole to wonder if the outcome of Sunday’s presidential election in Brazil is a planetary game over when it comes to climate change. Read More >>

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A Massive Iceberg Just Popped off West Antarctica

While the internet was obsessing over that rectangular iceberg, some more disconcerting icy behaviour went down on the other side of the Antarctic. Read More >>

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The Monsters of Climate Change

Death lurks around every corner in Alex Garland’s Annihilation, but its most terrifying harbinger is a ghoulish bear with saber-tooth fangs, reams of rotting flesh, and a half-exposed skull that looks part-human. The creature is a microcosm of phenomena from which it emerged, a mysterious air-ooze called the Shimmer where time is warped and life is mutated in impossible ways. Read More >>