UK Won’t Hit Net Zero Target Because It’s Unrealistic Says New Report

If the country is to realistically hit its 2050 net zero target, extreme measures need to be taken that the public won't be on board with because it curtails basic freedom of choice. Read More >>

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Scotland is on Track to Hit 100% Renewable Energy This Year

United Nations scientists have warned that most countries are on track to totally botch the climate goals needed to curb catastrophic global warming. But there’s at least one bright spot. Read More >>

The Public Should be Taxed More if they Aren’t on Board with Emissions-Reducing Changes, Says Government Science Adviser

In order to reach the UK's net zero emissions 2050 target, people are in for a rude awakening when it comes to what will be necessary to meet it - and that includes higher taxes as means of 'persuasion'. Read More >>

Theresa May Sets “Delusional” Net Zero Emissions Target by 2050 so We’ll Forget How Crap She Is

Theresa May has announced her plans for the UK to produce net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050, overturning the previous pledge of the Climate Change Act 2008, to slash them by 80 per cent by the same year. Read More >>

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Clean Energy Could See Explosive Growth by 2023 According to Report

The release of a damning report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change this week predicting unprecedented climate disaster within the next decade was no doubt a sobering reminder of the fragile state of our planet. But new forecasts from the International Energy Agency (IEA) for the future of global renewable energy capacity offers a far more hopeful picture, predicting a massive spike in clean energy over the next five years — if, that is, necessary policy and regulation are acted upon now. Read More >>

Yet Another Reason Geoengineering Won’t Save Us

Geoengineering our planet to solve climate change is one of the riskiest propositions humanity has ever considered. That’s largely because there’s no way to know all the consequences that come with reflecting sunlight back into space, particularly when it comes to the agricultural system that has allowed humanity to flourish for millennia. Read More >>