climate change
Trump Both Sides-es Climate Change

There are many things where there are two (or more!) sides to the story. Nazis is not one of them. Neither is climate change. Read More >>

climate change
Four Things That Could Kill Us Before the Cloud Apocalypse Does

If you read the news on Monday, you may have heard people freaking out about how climate change is finally coming for the clouds. A study released in Nature Geoscience chronicles how stratocumulus clouds, those low hanging clouds that lend themselves well to daydreaming, could one day disappear if we keep emitting carbon. Their disappearance could, in turn lead to skyrocketing temperatures, raising the heat more than 8 degree Celsius around the globe. Read More >>

climate change
Former Irish President on Elon Musk: “If You’re Going to Colonise Mars, Why Not Help Kiribati to Have a Future Against Rising Sea Water?”

What’s the next logical career move after being President of Ireland, and then United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights? It turns out that it might be to start a podcast. Read More >>

Confronted With Severe Climate Change, Ancient Britons Kept Calm and Carried On

Soon after the glaciers melted at the end of the last Ice Age, our planet was vulnerable to abrupt and dramatic shifts in climate, including prolonged cold snaps that lasted for decades. New research suggests early hunter-gatherers living in the British Isles didn’t just manage to survive these harsh conditions—they actually thrived. Read More >>

Humans Can’t Stop Breaking Carbon Emissions Records

The climate is changing, driven in part by humans spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. An overwhelming majority of climate scientists agrees with this statement. They agree with this statement because they look at long-term climate models, look at carbon emissions, run lots of tests, and see that one drives the other. I do not like writing serious articles about climate change because it’s exasperating. But there is news that I must report: As usual, we’re on track for a record-breaking year. Read More >>

The Amount of Oxygen in the Ocean Has Dropped Thanks to Humans

You are probably aware that global temperatures are rising thanks to human-made greenhouse gases emissions. You might not be aware of some of the many associated side effects, for instance, the fact that our oceans have been losing oxygen over the past few decades. Read More >>

There’s Something Strange Happening at the Bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet

For the first time, researchers have peered thousands of metres beneath Greenland’s glistening surface to map the bottom of the ice sheet. They were surprised to learn that it’s thawing all over the place. Read More >>

This Might Get the World to Finally Pay Attention to Climate Change

Six British warships stationed in the Persian Gulf are breaking down because the water is too hot. This week, members of the Royal Navy testified to the UK Defence Committee that their Type 45 destroyers keep losing power because of high ocean temperatures. When the ships’ turbines get overheated, they can’t generate as much energy, resulting in electrical failures. Read More >>

What Harsh 1800s Sea Voyages Say About Our Future Earth

Life aboard a ship in the 18th or 19th century—especially in the far north or south—was treacherous. Now, the records of these brutal voyages are playing a surprising role in scientists’ efforts to understand the future of the planet. Read More >>