London Shard in Lockdown for Extreme Influencer’s Climb Attempt

An absolute lunatic of a free climber has taken on one of the country's grandest and most textureless summits today, with an attempt to climb the outside of London's Shard kicking off early this morning. Read More >>

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Breathe Into a Paper Bag While This Real-Life Spider-Man Climbs a 29-Story Hotel

Thanks to an exterior clad in what look like reflective metal bars, Alain Robert, a professional urban climber, simply walked up to the Meliá Barcelona Sky hotel and started climbing, eventually scaling the 29-story structure in just 22 minutes, without the use of any safety gear. Read More >>

Side of a Factory Nearly Ready to Welcome Brave Climbers

This terrifying image is not the latest Instagram effort of some random thrillseekers -- it's a safe and officially recognised external climbing wall that's been stuck on the side of a grain silo in Leeds, and you can climb up it if you have well controlled bowels and those special strong fingers. Read More >>

Cubs Fans Are Doing Trust Falls From an 18-Foot Statue

In case you haven’t heard, the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series for the first time in 108 years, ending the longest championship drought of any professional American sports team. Read More >>

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Watch a Crazy Couple Climb the World’s Highest Crane

Some things, like cooking or watching terrible movies, are best enjoyed in the company of a significant other—or casual sexual acquaintance, no judgements here. Personally, climbing over 2,000 feet up to a rickety crane overlooking Tianjin, China doesn’t seem like a romantic activity so much as a way for both people to plummet to their deaths. But hey—do you! Read More >>

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Idiots Climb the Eiffel Tower for Shits and Giggles

The Eiffel Tower is the most famous and one of the most heavily-guarded structures in Paris. For a fee you can hang out inside of it, but its upper reaches are not legally accessible to the public. So three Russian daredevils decided to scale it anyway, without safety equipment, while being filmed by a drone. Go big or go home, as they say. Read More >>

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Terrifying Climb Up the Old Spire of the World’s Tallest Church

It’s not as scary tall as climbing oversized skyscrapers, but climbing churches can be just as frightening. That's because the buildings are so much older and the spire is totally not meant to be climbed. Plus, what if one of those things he stood on just snapped off because, well, they’re old? Read More >>

Seeing People Climb a 555-Metre-Tall Skyscraper is Just Madness

When you see these climbers reach the top of Lotte World Tower, a half-kilometre-tall tower that’s the tallest building in South Korea and taller than One World Trade Center in New York, there’s an ever so brief moment of peace. Wow, things look great from up here! And then it’s back to the stressfulness of watching someone do something as insane as climbing a skyscraper. Read More >>

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Climbing the Ice Structures in Iceland Looks Like One of the Most Bad Ass Things You Can Do

Man, this is just so fun to watch. The beautiful alien world that is Iceland is always so picturesque, but it’s even better when seen from up close. Read More >>

Climbing a 1,500-Foot Radio Tower Without Safety Gear Is Stupid for So Many Reasons

Climbing something this high is concerning to begin with, but intentionally doing it without safety equipment borders on suicidal. Read More >>

Augmented Reality Climbing Looks Like So Much Damn Fun

I love climbing arguably more than breathing, but when you’re stuck in the same gym with the same routes all day long, it can get just the teensiest bit boring. This augmented reality climbing game seems like the perfect antidote. Read More >>

These Ice Tools Are Made From…Wood?

Ice climbing is one of those niche sports that pushes the cutting edge of crapping yourself, and materials technology. Equipment has to be light, stiff, flexible enough for shock absorption, and cheap enough for dirtbag climbers. Sounds like a job for nature. Read More >>

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Watching This Bloke Climb the Eiffel Tower Made Me Shiver

Ostensibly, the Eiffel Tower seems like a decent structure to climb. There are so many exposed parts that you could hold on to and so many paths to climb up that there’s no real wrong move. But then you realise, as you watch James Kingston scale the tower, that it’s actually a terrifying climb because every piece is so thin and the safe spaces are weirdly angled and that all the scaffold-like rivets and beams in the tower actually makes you completely exposed. It’s frightening. Read More >>

Google’s Street View Tour of El Capitan is Epic

Google’s Street View gets everywhere these days, but rarely does it manage to scale sheer slabs of rock. Now, with the help of acclaimed climbers Lynn Hill, Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell, you can take a trip up Yosemite National Park's El Capitan from the comfort of a computer. The views are astonishing. Read More >>