Experimental Drug Offers a ‘Glimmer of Hope’ for People With a Devastating Form of Multiple Sclerosis

New research funded by the National Institutes of Health suggests an experimental drug can slow down the brain damage caused by a form of multiple sclerosis (MS), an incurable neurological disorder that eats away at the protective coating of our nervous system. But it’s still unclear whether the drug can noticeably improve the crippling symptoms sufferers experience. Read More >>

Alzheimer’s Drug Can Be Used to Treat Shopaholics

If you can't walk into a store without buying something, help may be at hand. New research suggests that a drug designed to treat Alzheimer's disease can be used to successfully treat people who suffer from shopping addictions. Read More >>

Ultrasound Treatment Cures Prostate Cancer Perfectly Nine Times in Ten

A new treatment, using highly focused ultrasound, effectively kills cancerous prostate tumours nine times out of ten. What's more, the technique produces virtually no side effects and means patients only have to spend a single evening in hospital. Read More >>